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World luxuriant suit of expensive business affairs of royal Ai Meizun
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Come since March 1, 2008 on May 31, shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei is acted according to for the guests of business trip on " suit of exalted business affairs " , build the public house meticulously the office outside be to be in the office, make the stay away from home of your business affairs more comfortable and convenient.

Enter Shanghai life continuously luxuriant 2 evening have public house of royal Ai Mei, you can enjoy a RMB the favourable house price that 2100 yuan of * increase 15% services additionally to expend, honour the professional business affairs that enjoys a hotel to be made meticulously for you serves. The guest can horizon in Shanghai of the overlook inside the guest room of Pu Xizhi peak line, daily breakfast of beautiful type self-help is enjoyed in hall of Eden Western-style food, can enjoy Wu of to be taken orally of business affairs center 8 break privilege and the free phone during be being entered.

All prices all need above add collect 15% services fee. Add a bed to be a RMB 245 net price / every night. 12 years old and the following children and parents live together, if need not be added,the bed will not involve premium. 6 years old and the following children and its parents have dinner but free. Case inspects above preferential price to the hotel enters a case and be decided, cannot use at the same time with other and favourable activity. This suit does not apply to commerce or travel lies fallow group and meet group. Period of efficacy comes to stopped on March 31 from March 1, 2008.

66 Shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei, exterior design is fashionable and contemporary, be located at urban center, it is top floor of Pu Xi, the ground mark sex of Shanghai is built. On the famous Nanjing road shopping mall that the ─ of gold a sector of an area that is located in Shanghai is located in on people square, look down at great theater of Shanghai museum and Shanghai. Along Nanjing east road shopping mall goes a few minutes to be able to arrive at the beach outside ─ of famous tourist attraction. All rooms compound the hotel have TV of 42 inches of liquid crystal, DVD/CD player, drench flower is aspersed, infinite high speed gets online and be born big glazing.

The information with more detailed need and book, ask you to contact Hai Shimao hotel of royal Ai Mei books a ministry,

Book a phone to be: 86(21)33189999 is free perhaps phone China is upper 108006500282,

Chinese south 108002650282, email Reservations.shanghai@lemeridien.com

Shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei

Shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei is located in Nanjing east road 789, be located in downtown. The hotel becomes the celebrity in the city with its modern structure style and superexcellent situation. Luxurious the Shanghai world of 5 stars class luxuriant color of hotel of royal Ai Mei is distinctive, among them 770 liquid crystal TV that decorate delicate guest room to all deploy 42 inches, through be born glazing horizon of park of riverside river beautiful scenery, people, Shanghai all all can stop eye ground. The dining-room with 10 bright colors inside the hotel and bar, the conference establishment of nearly 2000 square metre, what be worth to be carried more is the hotel has Shanghai two unique shindig hall that enjoy natural sunlight and many assembly room, still its establishment is deployed all is to not have can rival.
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