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Marriage banquet orders October beforehand the most crowded on August 8
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Olympic Games year, banquet of marriage of course of study of our city meal accepts the order hot all the more. The reporter is resided from happy and carefree, sweet source of 5 bottles of rice, food, downwind 123 wait for wine shop know, banquet of marriage of partial wine shop already was ordered beforehand October.

A wine shop weighs boreal bank road, already booked at present go out many cases 20, and accepted the order last year marriage banquet in all many 30; At present of a wine shop already received emancipatory tablet marriage banquet many 30, predicting annual will be in marriage banquet broke up one time on many 40 foundation last year... according to course of study wife person estimation, olympic Games year what the our city marries is times more than wanting last year.

According to dish popular cause, downwind 123 wait for dining-room introduction, there are a lot of new personalities to be being driven every week after the section book marriage banquet, be like on May 10, 18 days, 24 days, on August 7, 8 days, on October 18, these 26 days of days, newlywed is being grabbed calm. On August 8, 2008, 3 " 8 " superposition is encountered 10 years, because this day also is Olympic Games opening day, that day although be Zhou Wu, but many new personality will still marry day make choice of is in this day, at present a lot of hotels and wine shop already were booked one day this go out, some same days should place a few repeatedly. Tsinghua wine shop says, already ten pairs of newlywed want to book this one day, who does final decision book to still expend consider quite.

To buckle Olympic Games theme closely, reflect individuation adequately, a few hotels of our city still try to be unique, rolled out " the Olympic Games is bridal " , buy of 佈 of name of dress, dish, setting in succession with Olympic Games relevant. For example 5 bottles of Olympic Gameses that rice engineers for a pair of sweethearts are bridal, bridal bridegroom is sports fan, marry this day to want to wear kit to hold wedding, the clerk also should wear baseball cap, flower child is a flock of children that wear a football to take.

In addition, buy of bridal spot 佈 also reflects a bright Olympic Games color with each link, central ave one hotel undertakes marriage banquet, advocate the design that desk flower joined Fu Wa, the design such as 5 annulus mark, torch is added on banquet setting, Xi Ka.

The personage inside course of study says, because Yuan Fucai makings rises in price, marriage banquet expenses rises on average this year 10% above. As we have learned, wine shop of nearly 10 our city Chinese meal, marriage dinner is average this year every desk is charge 600-800 yuan.