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False smoke false wine " take aim " on guest of astral class hotel
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False smoke false wine " take aim " on guest of astral class hotel

For obtain sudden huge profits, illegal pedlar " take aim " the guest that went up to live in astral class hotel, use them accommodation time is short, the complains not easily characteristic after be deceived, false smoke holiday the hotel leaves was in on the side of astral class hotel. On Feburary 17, personnel of monopolistic bureau check is in Yinchuan city tobacco in the routine examination of nicotian market after the section, promote the Beijing that celebrate an area in Yinchuan city east the par of silver-colored guest grand on the side of 123 Baal big public house seizes the road inside the supermarket value 40 thousand false smoke of Yu Yuan.

When the reporter hurries to the spot that day midday, see there is case of a few papers on supermarket ground, the false smoke that is hunted down by check personnel is inside. Through preliminary count, the false smoke that shares 10 brands 62.4, it is the high-grade smoke such as king of China, lotus, giant panda, Su Yan for the most part, among them soft China 25, giant panda 20, hard China 3, still have the false smoke of a certain number of other trademarks, value in all more than yuan 40 thousand. The outer packing of these false smoke is done so that differ with true smoke very few, everyman discerns at all by naked eye do not come out. According to the examination, this inn has business charter and wholesome license only, did not handle nicotian license. Because this inn merchant did not appear all the time, so the origin channel of false smoke still needs further investigation. Check personnel tells a reporter, the near future they discovered by place of astral class hotel, high-grade meal many sales are false the shop of smoke, remind broad consumer to should raise vigilance when these places are consumed, avoid to be duped.

In check out procedure, a few bottles of of this inn high-grade liquor caused the attention of check personnel again, they get in touch with qualitative inspect branch instantly, be being maintained via preliminary check-out is false wine, include lane of Na Chun of fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, sword, well to wait for a wine, in all 38 bottles.