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Enter Qing Dynasty to stride Wen Huadong square hotel to enjoy beautiful wine ca
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Experience inside a day unapproachable culminating enjoy: Sample the rich cooked food of imperial type; Enjoy the hydrotherapy service that obtains special honour repeatedly; Can develop 10 thousand lis of headroom of peaceful north more, creat those who long for day and night is itinerary!

Qing Dynasty strides hotel of Wen Huadong square DharaDhevi " hover horizon " (UpUpandAway) formula, can let your fond dream come true. Guest can enter suite of characteristic of two late luxurious colony, take private room car to receive send airport going there and back, enjoy breakfast of beautiful type of Akaligo dining-room self-help everyday, enjoy hydrotherapy services in famous DhevaSpa. Not only such, guest can sample more the peaceful type dinner of LeGrandLanna dining-room, take steam ball to visit Qing Dynasty to stride in early morning, enjoy rich breakfast and champagne. Whole formula price rises for an ancient unit of weight of eighty-three thousand two hundred peaceful, comfortable syncretic or two are enjoyed.

Enrage the brigade of the ball by the heat that the hotel arranges meticulously, can make you lifetime and unforgettable absolutely. Guest can Yu Qingchen time, in full-bodied coffee scent, await a balloon to aerate; Wait for dawn peep only, steam ball can enter the space slowly, make a guest full see the intoxicate prospect of peaceful north suburb, with brand-new the travel resort that angle understanding lets this person Jing is colourful. The flight in about one hour is itinerary in, guest can learn the wonderful experience with expeditionary seek novelty, allow to be made by gentle breeze bring, drift at will, land; Enjoy champagne breakfast in destination. Division of steam ball aircraft can issue flight letter on the spot more, commemorate this unforgettable experience.

MarkBradford of general manager of square DharaDhevi hotel expresses clear Maiwenhuadong: "This formula can provide transcendental comfortable experience, make you fine the manner a bit of flavour peaceful north. The dinner of traditional peaceful type that guest preexistence enjoys lubricious fragrance completely below every bits of bit numerous star, be in again take steam ball to enter the space in the morning the next day, fu sees the rice field that strides stretch to the horizon and gloden temple clear; Enjoy luxurious hydrotherapy service, enter advanced suite, to the top of one's bent flabby body and mind. This is southeast Asia romance really luxurious swimming acme " !

"Hover horizon " every detail inside the formula is passed arrange wholeheartedly, the colony that Qing Dynasty strides hotel of Wen Huadong square DharaDhevi is special type flatlet atmosphere is kind and carefree, the alarmingly dangerous that hovers with headroom is experience, relaxed the hydrotherapy of happy person is enjoyed, blend with meticulous care. The hotel covers an area of 60 hectare, repose on the rice field of a big too many beautiful things, all around is beautiful scenery of intertropical amorous feelings; Add the hover of sounds of nature of forest of peaceful north suburb, the rurality of tranquil, with the culture that abounds much appearance health body activity cooperates, let you enjoy the traditional view of dynasty of Tai Beilan accept to the top of one's bent. After passing sightseeing journey of a day, the passenger can be returned rest to the top of one's bent inside comfortable colony flatlet roomily. Entire room all decorate is luxurious, crystal of chic and elegant ceramic tile floor, glass is deployed by top floor the desk lamp of the lamp and Victoria type, build the air that gives exalted dignitary; Eddy is set to massage piscina and independent Hua Sachi inside so big shower room, the balcony fan door that turns be born pattern, send out of colony feelings swim beautiful scenery of garden of pool, laky Ji Congmu namely greet, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person.
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