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Hotel marriage banquet is booked crowded explode the proposal pushs afternoon te
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Because had 2008 a lot of " lucky " colour head, be called this year marriage banquet good year, especially astral class hotel " wedding day " marriage banquet books experience jam. The personage inside course of study suggested yesterday, the hotel mights as well roll out concise fashionable afternoon tea is bridal.

"From the beginning of the year 6 begin me to chair wedding, business had been discharged this year in November. Large yesterday the beginning of the year 10, company staff also is held did two wedding. " yesterday, island of famous and bridal emcee tells Nanjing the reporter. The more than young lady that preparation marries this year complains, him job is busy, entrust parents to ask about hotel location, but the old person feedbacks the message that come back is, the wedding day of good place is very crowded. As we have learned, because there is the Olympic Games this year this one big " happy event " , and " 2008 " the number is lucky, because of this afterwards after 2006, receive good year of banquet of hotel industry marriage again, among them " be the first to be affected " is hotel of class of a few 45 stars and famous masses restaurant. Arrive from now by this year, meet 8, double cease, " 51 " " 11 " such day, marriage banquet field is ordered almost.

In interviewing, the personage inside a few course of study says, banquet of marriage of hotel of fast star class is squeezed is actually " old issue " , just more outstanding this year. Hold the position of the island with bridal old emcee to think, many new personality and its parents are fond of hotel of choice star class, doing at be being held wantonly certainly, thinking to marry however is an important matter, choose a good place, let marriage have good germinant. He raised a proposal to astral class restaurant, since at present restaurant of fast star class auspiciouses day especially the marriage banquet place of evening is begged hard, give afternoon tea wedding as open up. Alleged afternoon tea is bridal, use namely to 4 o'clock the business sky of half was become at 2 o'clock afternoon, hold wedding, the hotel offers field, boiled water, cake, new personality and guest are OK the edge drinks afternoon tea, means waits to celebrate through dancing by the side of, such wedding is novel and likewise lively, but charge can be reduced greatly. The idea of this pair of new personality and its parents still is a very big challenge, but place cost is not much, vogue, sweet, new people might as well tries! To this one " achieve want " , the personage expresses related golden hill restaurant, rest with the conference tea that the hotel holds now the service is exemple, standard of average per capita has those who amount to 60 yuan, although afternoon tea is bridal,the standard rises again some, achieve average per capita 100 yuan word, and marriage banquet is compared in the evening rise, fare is low still much. Be in Shanghai now, a kind of more popular wedding is wedding of lawn cocktail lounge, hold an outdoors cocktail lounge namely in order to provide dinner for guest, and be not offer prandial, as a result of its vogue health, concise and do not break grand quite welcome. The concept of afternoon tea wedding and this resembles a bit, conditional hotel but according to different situation open up indoor or outdoors similar and bridal form. But the idea of Nanjing new personality whether accept afternoon tea or cocktail lounge wedding, still remain market observation.
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