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Rat year marry tide comes to the hotel " wedding day " repletion
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These days, often pass urban hotel to be able to discover new personality marriage, and it is a hotel a day normally several pairs. The reporter understands, the cracker of New Year just is let off, rat year marry spring tide is billowy and come, many hotels express, double this year cease the wedding breakfast of day is ordered almost full.

On Feburary 15, when the reporter passes urban dynasty big public house, see the name that has 3 pairs of newlywed person is kept on the banner. On Feburary 16, when passing this public house, have 4 pairs of new personality marriage again. On Feburary 17, the reporter is passed inferior when big public house, see 3 pairs of new personality are in again marry. This rat year just came, marrier gathered together.

Wedding breakfast more than 1, also give a citizen a few more happy trouble. Citizen bridge gentleman also is these days hurry off to too much wedding breakfast and art of lack of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else. He says, drink wedding feast every day these days, still drove 3 one day, really tired.

Reporter from the urban district a few hotels understand, this year " wedding day " already basically ordered piece, double cease day is basically full also. "Had ordered last year in December in January 2009. " a staff member of big public house of salty go smoothly tells a reporter, some days have 45 pairs of new personality marriage one day, because a lot of new personality are not ordered double cease the wedding breakfast of day, must change to be not double cease day, and some new personality still changed wedding breakfast midday. Carry on promotes the staff member of restaurant to also tell a reporter, double cease day is ordered basically full.

"Present person orders wedding breakfast early, some clients ordered the wedding breakfast this year March 2006, this year January, also the guest booked the wedding breakfast 2009. " the staff member of a hotel tells a reporter.

Nevertheless, wedding breakfast is booked this year hot can let " the action is slow " new personality sufferred. The end of the year began to decorate house, Mr Zhang that the plan marries this year last year, particularly vexed recently. He is foreigner, the parent year ago picked the day of the National Day. Can ask, of many hotel National Days convivial and basic discharge full. Mr Zhang must plan to change a date.

The staff member of a hotel tells a reporter, the business of wedding breakfast increased than last year this year 40% . Analysis of this staff member says, arrived New Year, a lot of people are being driven marry, accordingly, at present marrier is particularly much.

In price respect, because many hotels were increasing wedding breakfast price, because this is most,the hotel represents the near future won't readjust price.