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Huhhot part hotel rolls out semi-manufactured goods dish
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"The hotel rolls out semi-manufactured goods dish half month comes, very popular. According to customer demand, cool hot food can be booked ahead of schedule. Chef has cut entree not only, wait to give with respect to Lian Cong, ginger, garlic had deserved to bale. The client needs to be fried only after redemptive home can go up desk. Additional, semi-manufactured goods dish is returned with a piece of small card, the working procedure of the dish that make, time control is written on, and the service information such as phone of the name of chef, connection. " on March 2, road of Huhhot city Hu Lun north the antechamber manager Wang Yan of a big public house says.

In the hotel, the reporter encounters a surname by chance piece the man will conclude course. He is lived in in railroad village, go to work to be in however golden bridge developing zone. "Next midday coming home that cook to the child, time is too hurried. Buy semi-manufactured goods dish to come home to be fried go, completely of color, sweet, flavour. Unit staff has many people to book semi-manufactured goods dish, this service went to the lavatory really office worker. This service went to the lavatory really office worker..

Reporter in Wulanchabudong the main force such as road, clear Wuda road, Xi Linna road visited a few public houses on the road, those who discover this service is true still many. Wulanchabudong road of a hotel cling to the director says, semi-manufactured goods dish went to the lavatory citizen, the price also moderate, the person that still lets those won't cook enjoys goluptious meal, when save trouble is saved again.