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Nanjing " bovine guesthouse " greet today " ox " expensive guest
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This morning, 28 bull kept for covering that import from New Zealand will be airborne Nanjing, this is bull kept for covering coulds there be first.

The reporter examines from Nanjing discrepancy condition quarantine bureau understands, the expensive customer that this batch of social status exceed 1 million U.S. dollors will enter the entrance cattle with Nanjing only area " guesthouse " -- the quarantine segregation field that is located in area of small Dan Yang. Before this, ever milk cow of two batches of entrances is entered early or late, safe the segregation that spends 45 days period.

Every ox is occupational 4 square metre

According to Nanjing discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau animal examines quarantine grows aqua regia everywhere bright introduction, this segregation field built 2005, cover an area of about 100 mus. Inside stable, make sure every ox has the mobile space of 4 square metre at least.

Why to construct segregation field in the place that is far from the urban district? Aqua regia bright tell a reporter, keeping apart the optional location respect of field, having firm demand, must want to be examined and approve strictly of quarantine branch through examining, the ox that ensures surroundings spends segregation period to coming round does not have menace.

Carry to go to the lavatory, the accident appears in avoiding journey, the field location of segregation field should approach international freight airport, dock or land crossing bank. Be in all round segregation field inside limits of at least 2.5 kilometers, cannot set place of courtyard of animal farm, shambles, zoo, vet, vet, embryonic transplanting station, free market of agricultural products, dweller centers thoroughfare of life division and traffic to wait. The ox that avoids health effectively so affects epidemic situation.

In addition of segregation field all around must have not the sincere enclosure under two meters. The gate must set entrance guard room and alexipharmic pool, the width that disinfects a pool must exceed door limit 0.5 meters, length must not be less than 4 meters, deepness must not be less than 0.2 meters.

Segregation field interior differentiates to keep apart area and life division for the animal, between two areas must the sincere enclosure space with 1.65 meters of above. Still set an animal to raise an area inside animal segregation area, ill, dead animal and sewage, excrement and urine handles an area.

Vet watchs bovine eyes everyday

Come round " go vacationing " the entrance is arrogant, before entering segregation field, need passes firm check-up link, in case its carry pathogeny. Present 7 days in, have to collect blood.

"The vet that we send is met the end root place from the ox is draw-out hematic sample, and the metropolis on each ear that imports an ox has card of a number, that is its Id. In the meantime, exit still just can provide each arrogant detailed data in detail. Exit still just can provide each arrogant detailed data in detail..
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