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Schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of woman red-letter day, resta
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Course of study of restaurant of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of woman red-letter day, general merchandise rolls out privilege in the light of woman customer, heart install shopping centers to rise to do to 9 days namely " De Anchong philogyny section " , consumer rises 1000 yuan completely in consumption of general merchandise branch, organic meeting smokes bag of classical famous brand to reach caress maintain group, buy inside bedgown and female shoe consumption send 200 yuan 2000 yuan to touch completely with certificate.

Beauty sends threefold the first heavy " whole house is full 500 send feed still certificate " , content has heart bring the ticket of convert into money inside the house, flourishing horn chaffy dish, greatly department of birthday of Buck of tea building, star, Chun Shuitang, the 3 Shang Qiaofu, circumgyrate that contend for delicacy is privilege, the 2nd it is again by consumption full 1000 yuan of bill, change lottery ticket a piece, organic meeting obtains LV, GUCCI bag of classical famous brand and KOSE, endowment unripe hall maintains the award such as the group. it is threefold inside bedgown, female shoe is full 2000 send 200.

Friendly general merchandise holds combinative vogue, beauty and love in 8 days in " LOVE PARTY " , invite Lin Youli of Yi forest famous model to hold the position of " 308 case announce guides ambassador " , the spot has woman cervix additionally to wipe a train that sift check and yurt of be good at examine, for female friend free be good at examine.

Restaurant field, make rich yuan of garden cafe in March 7 to hall of Western-style food of 9 days of 8 buildings and B1 Wen Sha customer of woman of privilege of hall of Ouliu Western-style food, midday dinner cost price can enjoy preferential price 700 yuan 600 yuan.

Privilege of hall of 1 building coffee gave birth to the restaurant that connect a person of extraordinary powers that day on March 8 the Fu girlfriend of day, enjoy self-help midday dinner house of refined scholar of 50% discount, 2 buildings rolls out arrange of content of boiler of 38 preserve one's health, buy 2 boiler to send 1 boiler every boiler 220 yuan.