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Energy-saving job introduces hotel of holiday of Shenzhen Dong Hua
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•The public house is basic circumstance

Hotel of holiday of Shenzhen Dong Hua is group of hotel of intercontinental of InterContinental Hotels Group () public house of subordinate famous Holiday Inn brand, also be south a mountainous area and exclusive the hotel of business affairs of 4 stars class that an international interlinks.

Hotel from 1999 since practice, pay attention to the quality brand that makes oneself from beginning to end, carry out in development " let a guest have the home, footloose feeling " while this one holiday manages a concept, undertook according to the change of the market a series of reform, in 4 years of short time, obtained better result: Since 2000, be judged 3 years to be Shenzhen travel industry continuously " 10 beautiful hotel " ; 2001, was judged to be whole town sanitation 2002 advanced unit; The hotel is entered rate is successive exceed 80% two years, rank region of China of group of InterContinental Hotels Group before all hotels 5; Became Shenzhen city 2003 first having the honor to win " green hotel " the hotel of the title, these showed the management strategy with distinctive and bright hotel and brand glamour.

The hotel sets the standard guest room with 285 perfect equipment, luxurious guest room and flatlet in all, among them floor of ad hoc administration, smokeless floor and chic " holiday " flatlet, every guest room divides basic configuration outside, deployed interface of ADSL broadband Internet, to live inn guest provides free, quick broadband Internet service. The hotel has hall of coffee of hall of dish of Dong Huaxuan another name for Guangdong Province, Lang Jingyuan and color the 15 bags room of each different, the good place that is fete of your business affairs and close friend party. Decorate luxurious, function 6 assembly room with all ready, advanced equipment will assist you to hold banquets of all sorts of type of Chinese and Western and big small-sized meeting successfully. In addition, japanese arrange dining-room and day type bar can make you personal experience sterling Japanese food culture.

Gymnastical center sets swim pool of large and indoor constant temperature, gross area exceeds 300 square metre, its dimensions and establishment of form a complete set, service is located in Shenzhen front row of each big public house. Additional, gymnastical center still includes establishment room of all ready gym, ping-pong, ping-pong room, strong and handsome hold room, sauna and Turkish bath to wait. To go to the lavatory each guests, the hotel still offerred foreign currency to change, children attends, the set form a complete set such as luxurious car hire serves.

Current, group of hotel of intercontinental of InterContinental Hotels Group () have in the whole world 3, many 300 hotel, spread all over 90 many countries and area. Regard China as one of hotels of many 30 holiday, we used the dominant position that group natural resources shares adequately, strengthen management ceaselessly, improve efficiency, the standard serves, in the meantime, establishment of soft to the hotel, hardware also undertakes reform, innovation ceaselessly.
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