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60 guesthouse hotel installs Fujian spring city section water facilities
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Come day after day, the managing circumstance using water that syndicate of department of environmental protection of abundant lustre area, travel washs bath center to hotel of guesthouse of area under administration and each undertakes checking, coach 60 hotels guesthouse installs section water facilities, do work of water of good red-letter day.

According to not complete count, abundant lustre area under administration has the hotel of guesthouse of class of of all kinds star, center that wash bath at present many 60, hotel industry is this area uses water large family, want every year to use up many water natural resources, section water job is well worth doing. If press every the home is managing with water 30 thousand tons are calculated, this industry can managing with water nearly 2 million tons. This area concerns one of keys of job of water of ministry doorknob section to be put in the guesthouse hotel, center that wash bath, constituent personnel coachs guesthouse hotel installs section water facilities, begin section water to publicize to hotel staff, client.

Come day after day, the section water that abundant lustre area still developed formal diversity propaganda, extend to staff of dweller masses, company manual of conduct propaganda of urban section water, " water law " wait for propagandist material many 5000.