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Energy-saving fall bad news fights hotel of city star class to start green wind
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Energy-saving fall what bad news is becoming socioeconomy to develop is thematic. Satisfy peaceful development, same not exceptional also. This not, energy-saving fall the manufacturing pattern that the new wind of bad news is changing hotel of class of the star that fight a city stage by stage. Also be this one change, green hotel is leaving in the popularity that fight a city sadly come. The construction of green hotel, will found city of Chinese first-class travel to add a brick to add tile to satisfy peace undoubtedly. 9 days, the reporter is headed for be judged to be silver-colored leaf class " green restaurant " the letter adds up to big public house, the green that sees a public house serves.

Replace traditional light source with energy-saving lamp, control unifinication of aircrew of central air conditioning instead stand-alone, guest room room rectifies instead intelligence to insert card to take report, to the hotel circuitry of each floor electric equipment undertakes region is controlled dividing an area, partition, whole public house increases backwater conduit... the energy-saving synergism act of formal diversity, make a reporter big open horizon.

Introduce according to Wu Keqian of hotel general manager, the letter that regards national SamSung class as restaurant adds up to big public house, the service everything needed is ready such as building of city of meal, conference, song, tea. Hotel industry regards high-energy bad news as the industry, among them energy cost holds gross earnings about 9.1% the left and right sides, specific power consumption is controlled very not ideal.

"From long-term look, the letter adds up to big public house to begin ' achieve green ' activity, already benefit state interest civilian, benefit person is hoggish. " Wu Keqian says, to promote restaurant quality, go can develop way continuously, the unified deploy of bureau of tourism of hotel foundation province, city, went up to make clear the particular goal that achieves green restaurant further in energy-saving management and working system government, made plan and working move. In the meantime, the hotel was made " consumption of organic management, clean production, green, scientific progress " guiding principle.

From " achieve green " since the activity is begun, the letter added up to big public house to hold water to achieve green job to head a group, departmental door all establishs " start green person specially assigned for a job " , made " the letter adds up to green of big public house to run a system " , " cent pace carries out the job to arrange " . In the meantime, in executive system process, the hotel is grooming from employee hand, write " green restaurant should know to should be met " , collect laws and regulations of law of green environmental protection to wait for special teaching material, begin green restaurant and education of environmental protection knowledge deep, and will " green restaurant " construction brings into the necessary project that new employee grooms into duty and restaurant grooms, hold group by group in installment groom multiformly, exam and intellectual contest activity, still invite concerned expert to hold special subject chair, ask the management department such as environmental protection, food to give the spot to check guidance to the hotel, establish green knowledge to publicize column, make " green restaurant " propagandist short, mark of the green that make and the sweet clew card of a variety of styles, develop green activity, setting green food exhibits a stage, recommend green annulus to protect healthy dish to taste, roll out smokeless green guest room, make favourable policy urge green consumption, supervisor of full-time specific power consumption is daily and perambulatory examination.
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