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Industry of 2007 Hangzhou hotel is energy-saving fall bad news product is on sal
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Begin time: 2007-11-08
End time: 2007-11-10
Hold a place: Things of Hangzhou international hotel trades center
Connect a telephone call: 0571-85046568/85047258
Sponsor an unit: Bureau of environmental protection of city of bureau of science and technology of city of hall of science and technology of province of association of Chinese hotel trade, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Jiang Gan division people government
Undertake unit: China. Things of Hangzhou international hotel trades achievement of science and technology of rich of contest of center, Zhejiang is changed trade center
Build the platform that channel of transmission of energy-saving policy information and enterprise communicate the government, manufacturer of expert of economy of branch of associated government function, loop, energy-saving equipment is energy-saving fall job of bad news management serves, mirror and solve a society energy-saving demand, advocate a society energy-saving fall bad news concept, show green, environmental protection, healthy, managing outstanding gain, popularize advanced, applicable energy-saving technology and equipment, fulfil Zhejiang to carry out the province is energy-saving fall cost is total the target contributes force.
Current exhibit can new hotspot
Net of global hotel things (Www.519d.com) is rolled out " exhibit on the net meeting " , the exhibition that lets you never rings down the curtain -- current exhibited conference organizing committee to make brand-new exhibition pattern to exhibit business to be on net of things of hotel of whole world of authoritative and professional website -- the network is exhibited meeting, exhibit an enterprise to establish column for all ginseng, offer long-term, vast network to publicize promotion platform, establish company brand, introduction better thereby company culture, release product information.
Ginseng exhibit notice
Achievement of new and high technology is revealed meeting
Limits of item on display
Product of energy-saving environmental protection and technology
Resource is used integratedly reach new energy resources
Environmental protection is integrated
Extend a price
(1) is offerred freely 2, 3 buildings exhibition hall exhibits (configuration extends plate gauge pattern: 0.9*1.8mm, take oneself must up to specification, commission collection cost of production 60 yuan / piece)
(2)1 building exhibition hall: Smooth ground (9-36 ㎡) : 200 yuan / ㎡ (indoor light ground does not contain any configuration)
Energy-saving fall Fair of things of bad news hotel
Limits of item on display
The technology such as oil of report of water of hotel industry division, section, solar term, item reachs a product
Extend a price
First floor every 1800 yuan, 2 buildings every 1500 yuan
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