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Big public house of card of shellfish of the luck that make prosperous is energy
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Look from the management angle of restaurant, energy-saving fall bad news also is to achieve profit. Concept of this kind of management is blocked by Xu Changrui shellfish all the time big public house is perforative from beginning to end. Hotel start business at the beginning of, establish from educational employee namely energy-saving fall cost consciousness proceed with, began " energy-saving gold drop builds character to make suggestions activity " , make strict energy-saving operation circuit. For example, every banqueting hall comes how many person, when to open the lamp to black out, air temperature is much higher, lukewarm, pressure moves air conditioning water at most advanced etc, had firm demand, the good convention with stimulative employee managing nurturance.

Reasonable use condenser water, it is to had paid one of energy-saving focal points. The condenser water that heat exchanger of system of winter air conditioning produces amounts to 10 tons everyday, the summer also is in 5 tons of above, if for nothing run off very regrettablly. Employee of hotel project department put forward to make full use of of condenser water " golden drop " , undertake transforming to the old cistern that fall into disuse, and according to condenser water already the feature that bate handles, introduce its washhouse to undertake recycle. This is transformed, year section water close kiloton, called in in those days investment.

Early days of hotel start business, because do not have the requirement of use natural gas, dining-room can use derv and liquid gas only, cost Gaobingju is insecure. Hotel of second half of the year was in charge of in urban natural gas 2006 path have not below the circumstance of be well versed in, light gas company actively to talk things over with the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family, managed natural gas the hotel of shop October with of the same age, undertook transforming to dining-room cooking range, only fuel a charge, every months but managing 10 thousand multivariate, did not call in to a year of time transform cost.

Hotel start business comes two many years, rate of specific power consumption falls continuously: Was 2005 9% , it is to 2006 8% , it is on first half of the year this year 7.8% , energy-saving saved defray for the enterprise not only, also reduced pollution to discharge at the same time, show the social sense of responsibility that place of a successful company has.