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The hotel is energy-saving transform Shenzhen government or allowance 3 into
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To advance can construction of effect power plant, door of the Ministry of Works in feudal China of Shenzhen city trade is preliminary already industry of hotel of make choice of is energy-saving transform and note model machine frequency conversion to transform two projects to regard as can of effect power plant pilot. Recently, shenzhen city hair changes bureau be opposite committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference this year " two meetings " on those who refer " about building Shenzhen city can effect power plant " when draft resolution makes a return, disclose, already organized a work out to finish " can effect power plant is built -- industry of Shenzhen town public house is energy-saving transform an analysis to report " report municipal government authorized, draft by the government contributive 43.05 million yuan are begun to hotel industry by the scale of 30% energy-saving transform undertake allowance.

The committee member offers build " can effect power plant "

The Shenzhen this year " two meetings " go up, city of Shenzhen of build of proposal of combination of Xiao Xia and bell dawn change, Zhang Weixiong's committee member can effect power plant, can divide near future target and long-dated target two phase. Near future have the aid of carries greatly meeting chance, around construction of house of great fortune assembly room, use " can effect power plant " the concept undertakes designing; Long-dated undertake survey of comprehensive, system to equipment of the hair of Shenzhen city, power supply system, formulate is aimed at hair, power supply system " can effect power plant " plan, give carry out.

Shenzhen city hair changes bureau be versed in in trade of referenced Shenzhen city bureau, construction bureau and Shenzhen Electricity Supply Board make a return after relevant opinion: This year in July, highest bear already achieved Shenzhen electrified wire netting 9.219 million kilowatt, most blunder peak bear achieves 1.6 million kilowatt; On August 2 10 when 06 minutes, bear of Shenzhen electrified wire netting breaks through 10 million kilowatt, become southern electrified wire netting Guangdong is reached to save the first inside area, the whole nation the 4th (after afterwards Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou) the city that highest bear breaks through 10 million kilowatt, issue of power supply insecurity is very outstanding. "915 " specific power consumption of GDP of unit of evening Shenzhen city should reduce coal of 0.51 tons of standards / 10 thousand yuan, year all drop 2.75% , the situation that energy-saving working face faces is quite grim.

The reply expresses, below this kind of circumstance, committee members put forward to build can the proposal of effect power plant, can plan to reduce electric power to use up through carrying out dimensions to convert wholesale division phone, energy-saving to promoting decrease electric power of Shenzhen of platoon, safeguard to supply safety to have important sense.
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