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Administration of hotel the sources of energy is small discuss
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Soup mouth guard is located in south Huang Shan gate, it is the main component of yellow hill beauty spot. As Deng Xiaoping inspected Huang Shan to point out 1997 " the good place that Huang Shan is development travel, it is the place that you get rich " hind, shang Kou presses down masses backer to have mountain, travel through developing first rich rise, build early or late removed hotel of a few families, small guesthouse and big public house to wait for hotel of class of low, medium, high-grade star, hotel industry becomes Shang Kou to press down pillar industry gradually.

But, as the development of yellow hill tourism, the price competition between practitioner is more and more intense also, hotel industry be the first to be affected, cost resides the sources of energy plus Huang Shan not to fall high all the time formerly, water and electricity, fuel still shows ascendant trend every year. To get the biggest turn service advantage, hotel industry operator often is adopted " help report in the middle of the night, pull air conditioning " , " shut street lamp " , " limitative water supply " wait to be lifted managingly. The result of these practices is, maintained scanty profit margin, increased a hotel to complain, damaged yellow hill image.

As the ceaseless development of tourism of yellow hill city, if why handle the relation of good energy conservation and economic benefits, carry out effectively the sources of energy manages and use, with period obtain economic benefits and social benefit environment the biggest change, become an outstanding issue. To this, what I combine myself to manage a hotel is actual, talk about the idea of a few shallow, with discussion of person of the same trade, ask expert point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

One, set out from actual effect, do well the investment program of respect of hotel energy facilities

The sources of energy is to point to the dynamical natural resources that can produce all sorts of energy, to a hotel, the sources of energy cannot little, we are about when building a public house adjust measures to local conditions, make energy program plan seriously, the choose and buy of facilities facilities accords with the need that restaurant manages, develop the integrated efficiency of equipment adequately, obtain favorable investment beneficial result. Day sweet mountain villa is during the plan and construction, although was done,wait to water, report, fuel, equipment be designed with all possible means and plan, but for lack of necessary argumentation, brought certain difficulty to the management later, be like the air conditioning of guest room winter, although be famous brand product air conditioning of 1.5 changes in temperature, but in air temperature when 0, central heating effect is not apparent, was forced to increase electric heat blanket. There also is diminutive when remembering building manufacturer of the air conditioning central will negotiate business, because invest tower above,nearly 100 thousand yuan are not used, cause cost raised instead in using. Accordingly, in construction new public house must strengthen program and use photograph tie, ability avoids to repeat investment, take roundabout way.
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