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I am a hotel energy-saving fall bad news is displayed one plan
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Association of trade of Chinese travel hotel already was given out to member unit " build about vigorous investment managing model social proposal " . Construction is managing model society, what can restaurant do? How to make managing model restaurant? This is to answer an appeal to get used to a situation not only, and the promotion of the development that concerns restaurant and competition ability. Because this is energy-saving,fall bad news is attached most importance to especially should. .

One, through transforming, achieve energy-saving goal;

1, the power element of power supply system should be controlled between 0.9-1, 2 period compensate ark in order to throw 2 power element, and 1 period without the setting, besides 1 period power supply bear occupies hotel 2/3, because this capacitance compensates ark,actor is a key.

2, in standard of hotel project design, to large family of report of hotel bad news, refrigeration unit, water pump, elevator, boiler, the common obligate such as fan has the power of have more than needed of 30% , general in move existence " car of big Ma La " phenomenon, use frequency conversion system, adjust according to temperature and laden change the rotate speed frequency of electric machinery, general but section report 30, 50% .

3, air conditioning system moves in the summer, compressor high pressure carries temperature to be in many degrees 100, be in for nothing water-cooling, wind cold midstream is broken. Many hotels already were improved now, using this more than 1 heat to supply life hot water.

4, of solar energy use integratedly, we can use solar energy and boiler to cooperate heat addition, heating.

Of course above a few kinds of methods need a large number of capital to throw, but total meeting is thrown to have get one's own back below the circumstance with concessional financing.

2, manual control

1, the hotel is all incandescent lamp, shoot the lamp to change energy-saving light. Use new-style and energy-saving light source. Although energy-saving lamp price is taller than traditional incandescent lamp multiple, but glow efficiency is tall 4, 5 times, service life is long 8, 10 times, economically complete and feasible. If the hotel uses energy-saving lamp illume entirely, at least but section report 70% above. The spectral chroma of energy-saving lamp already was close to besides now incandescent lamp, do not affect the foil of atmosphere.

2, monolayer window can stick reflection film or prevent bask in film, in order to improve result of adiabatic sound insulation, according to detecting monolayer glass sticks film to be able to cut off 70, the solar energy of 80% , can save 20, the report of bad news of area air conditioning of 30% .

3, move section discharge or use the bibcock of little flow, shower head, but some guests can feel disgusted, because this and guest communicate the support that gains a guest to be weighed particularly,want, the mineral spring bottle of water is put in commode cistern, reduce cistern water quantity to also can achieve section water goal.
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