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Shallow those who talk about engineering department is energy-saving fall bad ne
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Shallow those who talk about engineering department is energy-saving fall bad news

Energy-saving fall bad news is a when each economy substance is being produced and be faced with in economic progress main task, it is having quite main effect on the phylogeny of each enterprise, also be personnel of every company low level management and basic level the task with the technical mandatory personnel of each type of work.

Shopping Mall of Beijing gold source is the oldest monomer commerce building on current world, the power supply that the author estimates it will be in every year above of 45 million kilowatt hour, the control that so loss leads is very important. Because Shopping Mall is the operation mode of commercial estate, its engineering department also will safeguard means to change power supply management to the respect by simple equipment management, should safeguard to the management of equipment already that is to say should undertake offerring using electric government to the client again. Can say, the engineering department of Shopping Mall is equivalent to 3 companies of prefectural class unit, namely power company, tap water company, natural gas company. Current, the electrician of the engineering department of each company manages the working experience of the respect to be lacked quite to power supply, ought to strengthen to the knowledge of this respect groom, create better economic benefits for Shopping Mall, lay next solid foundations.

Cut down expense to do well better fall bad news works, raise the economic benefits of group whole, also provide better administrative experience for Shopping Mall, the author thinks to cut down expense fall the administrative level that bad news must have to quantify, a series of activities such as appraise through comparison, contest are developed in departmental door with this standard, good experience is summed up in the activity and try to popularize, talk below energy-saving fall the measure of bad news and how to quantify management and the advantage that quantify management.

One, energy-saving fall the method of bad news is executed avoid the peak uses phone. Branch of power supply of the whole nation since 1995 executed peak cereal electrovalency, as use electric door, can be aimed at the period of time of peak cereal electrovalency, execute avoid peak and wrong peak use phone, electrovalency of that is to say is composition of the electrovalency when peace of the electrovalency when You Feng, electrovalency when cereal, the discretion of electrovalency depends on the period of time that uses phone, if use report to be in peak period of time is more, electrovalency is tall, be in with report cereal period of time is more, electrovalency is low. Show countrywide electrovalency still skimble-scamble, it is the one times when be equal to a peak electrovalency of the electrovalency when cereal commonly, execute so avoid the peak uses phone, can reduce electrovalency.
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