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Supermarket and meal inn form an alliance natural environment refuses to obey
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Supermarket and meal inn form an alliance

Some obtain win-win to develop some to appear natural environment refuses to obey

Saying is it may not be a bad idea of powerful powerful combination, saying is resource complementary it may not be a bad idea, the supermarket appears increasingly to sell profit of field and chain meal company to bind the situation of development in the times of fast consumption. Had recently pass, domestic Lefu and aunt boiled dumpling reach national strategy alliance to cooperate, media coverage says, this also is meant " where will domestic Le Fu open in door inn of China henceforth, over there sure the dining room that has aunt boiled dumpling " .

"Theory comes up say this kind of mode to both sides it is beneficial, but adjust in what period of time still needs in real cooperation. " a personage of Hangzhou city inside course of study points out. As we have learned, a few meal industries of Hangzhou city and supermarket " allied " already also had old, among them set up shop of some pace of supermarket of meal enterprise follow closely, but also the enterprise strode one half step only up to now, "The optional location of the supermarket does not fit our business certainly. " the chief of this meal inn says so.

"Draw near " move the supermarket develops new market

As we have learned, aunt boiled dumpling opens restaurant into sell greatly a when already made company progress main strategy, its are at present happy in the home blessing, Ou Shang, Mai Delong sell the door inn of field to already exceeded 3 to become.

The 9 hundred bowl of Hangzhou mainland also has similar development pattern, in much extraction arrive it is thus clear that by the supermarket such as beauty of Ji Lianhua, content, Ou Shang " 9 hundred bowl " form. "Supermarket dilate thinks through science, it is OK to follow their set up shop leave out the setbacks of many optional location, more what is more,the rather that the supermarket still has steady guest flow. " this inn is in charge of door inn joining in Mr Ni of business spoke favorable place. And ever in content beautiful article one store opens a the first home snack " cate lane " Wang Yong, follow a supermarket " make the world " , a few years short already sold in 5 a chain store opens inside field. "Many meal include even locksmith a few foreign brands to ask about the new trend of the supermarket via regular meeting. " disclose according to Hangzhou city Board of Trade, now meal inn " chase after " the supermarket is chased after very closely.

"Now of Hangzhou sell going to one-stop the way that consumes a place develops, besides buy still hope to be able to provide other service to consumer beyond commodity, enhance the competition ability of oneself with this. " the relevant controller of China embellish supermarket tells a reporter, they also are cooperating in attempt and enterprise of a few meal, breed right strategic partner stage by stage.
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