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The person that encourage trade offers bureau of superior service tourism to wil
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Serve a level to raise the travel of our country further, singapore tourism bureau will roll out new service appraisal to plan, popularize the person that get the job of appraisal abroad.

Standing vice-chairman holds tourism bureau concurrently the Singapore travel award that director Lin Liang grows to was held in seaside art center last night discloses on prize-giving ceremony, authorities will be in second half of the year is rolled out this year " the star that Singapore serves " (plan of appraisal of Singapore Service Star) , predict to be able to attract 500 retailing shops, food and nightly place to become a member at the beginning.

He says, authorities will be dark the member that visits a hope to get appraisal, evaluate their service level, meeting overseas is popularized and publicize the person that acquire the line of business of appraisal successfully. The detail that new appraisal plans will be in in the future fair 佈 .

Lin Liang is long say: "We hope to pass ' the star that Singapore serves ' with travel award, education of the person that arouse tourism offers the culture that serves quality primely, let Singapore can be become provide unforgettable service experience, and the place that is famous in world each district. And the place that is famous in world each district..

Singapore travel award has tourism " Oscar " say, the 30 many person that behave crackajack tourism and orgnaization, obtained Na Dan's president to award prize last night praise.

This award found to already entered the 22nd year up to now from 1985, share individual and 84 groups of orgnaizations to be nominated contend among them 22 award, the others 5 large award choose prizeman by tourism bureau.

Among them, "Travel is crackajack contributive award " by child care of emeritus already Singapore wild animal chairman Guan Weiming is carried out to obtain before the orgnaization. Tourism bureau promulgates this the most important large award to Guan Weiming is during holding a post to be sure he is in, the achievement of establishment of child care of world-class of garden of the zoo, nightly wild animal and fowl park fashion into.

Below his leader, the caller number of these 3 tourist attractions innovates every year tall, 3.3 million person-time is achieved in the year before last year, gain profit first.

This year " special appreciate award " have 3 prizeman, it is author of Makansutra of guideline of this locality cate respectively general manager of Piao Xianghuan of president of Hanatour Service Inc of company of travel of Situ Guohui, Korea and company of Singapore history adviser is again elegant (Jeyathurai) . Again elegant also be curator of museum of camphor tree appropriate.

Additional, devote oneself to to popularize Singapore all the time, two-way study communicates Chinese student president of company of Jin Hang travel forest 璒 benefit, have the honor to win " crackajack tourism entrepreneur " .
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