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Apartments warm miners
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"Zi-East coal mines in the mouth, better than the feeling of home ... ..." first-class logistics services, so that every mouth Zi East coal miners are truly feel that business-to-care workers meticulous care. "Staff is the true power of enterprise development." SDIC new set of companies adhering to the mouth of the concept Zi East Coal Mine, invested heavily to create good living conditions for miners. Cafeteria area of 12,000 square meters, which can for 1500 Buffet dinner, usually more than 18 dishes to keep the staple food of more than 10 varieties, 24 hours Xiaochao service. Chicken soup, beef soup, dumplings, pancakes, eggs, cakes, steamed dumplings, chicken noodle, and spicy string and other snacks, to ensure that mine Workers have enough dining options every day. "Three-star hotel-style" staff apartments, leaving the miners are greatly warm. The whole area of 39,000 square meters apartment, a total of 11 floors and 586 rooms, can accommodate 3,000 people a collective shelters. Each room in accordance with the "three-star hotel" standards with Home, 24 hours hot water, central air conditioning, flat-panel TV, combination wardrobe everything. The first floor of a supermarket, hairdresser massage room, table tennis room, automatic teller machines, coffee room, pay more than 10 communications between the functional space, Check-in time for the miners to facilitate a variety of life. Meanwhile, the apartment building with a deportment dignified, well-trained more than 100 logistics service personnel, their standard honorifics, professional cleaning, warm smile, so that the miners enjoy the "home" courtesy.