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Spawned the development of the hotel industry expansion demand for hotel secur
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In recent years, with the development of tourism and frequent international exchanges, coupled with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and World Expo 2010 Shanghai to carry out, among these flows will be stopped at all over the crowd, greatly stimulated the China Hotels, hotels has been rapid development of even the expansion. According to the Shanghai Crosby Chief Engineer of intelligence wing Anjie Shao Kuang, in recent years, various luxury hotels in Shanghai had already seen a rapid growth momentum this year, Shanghai Lujiazui a region only has a dozen new luxury hotels. According to Statistical Yearbook of China Tourism Report and related data, the average annual growth rate of star hotels 15%, from 2000 to 6029 grew to 14,326 the end of 2007. It is predicted that the rapid development in tourism and hotel industry, driven by capital market activity. By 2015, the country will add about 200,000 kinds of accommodation facilities, which will grow by 10,000 star-rated hotels. According to incomplete statistics, the country star hotel is now over 15,000, of which the three-star hotels and five star hotels in the majority, four-star less than normal, the average number of capital cities in the ten five-star hotel above, and rapid growth in the number of year. According to the survey, five-star hotel facilities in the security of more than 10 million total investment of 31%, 500-10000000, 23%, 100 to 500 million 38%; 50% of the four-star hotel in the security building, the total into 100-5000000. As we all know, people flow and social background of the hotel complex is the most typical features, which makes the hotel in addition to working to improve service quality, we have to pay close attention to how to protect the safety of consumer groups and the hotel itself. At the National Tourism Administration issued a "division of star tourist hotels and evaluation", the security of each star hotel and put forward specific requirements, therefore, the emergence of a large number of star hotels greatly enhanced security requirements. At the same time, in order to achieve effective management of the floating population, local public security departments have introduced the corresponding mandatory measures require that each hotel security systems are installed. According to a National Tourism Administration statistics show that, due to differences in hardware and software environment, in 2004, Shanghai, most of the international hotel group, the average room occupancy rate of 80% base to 90%, has maintained a high room occupancy rate of these hotels Group with a big moneymaker; and at the same time, the domestic hotel industry, room occupancy rate in general only about 20%, in addition to a few five-star hotels, most hotels in the loss ... ... On the one hand is a lot of hotels in the rise, while the other is the impact of various factors, resulting in the loss of a large number of passenger flow of resources ... ... hovering in the balance on both sides, many in the industry have pointed out that in the high-tech era, convenient, comfortable, safe living environment, choose high-end hotel guests when one of the important considerations. Today, modern security technology, as it happens for the domestic hotel managers to enhance the competitiveness of the individual hotels for guests to create more humane living environment, opens up a new value-added space. As a guest, consumer attitudes are also great changes, people in the choice of hotel is no longer simply concerned about the environment is an elegant hotel, the food is delicious, but also very concerned about the adequacy of the hotel's security system. With the hotel across the country, "everywhere", the increasingly fierce competition, the hotels are doing all they can to meet the needs of customers to create personalized services, the industry sources, and effective security measures to improve security and customer satisfaction results are obvious.