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A job fair will be open the weekend: Riverside Hotel is now the greatest short
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"Young Times" reports say work hard to find, in fact, fall in love with the same job, the key is not touched on the other half of the temperament, "TA" like what, what is required. Put to find work, you have to understand a business, even in the future this area or what the city is relatively concentrated industries, the type of comparison talent shortage. The success rate of finding the will work to improve the lot, and even adjust their career planning in advance. Yesterday, the Riverside Technology Park held the economy of the "Focus East" talent exchange conference, the reporter found, with a few years ago, east of talent demand structure has changed greatly, and now sorely lacking is the "hotel management personnel." Not recruit skilled workers and executives College of graduate LU Xiao-ming, West Otis just finished the interview, he applied position by mechanical designers. Because professional counterparts, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, successfully got the written notice. "Our profession is still comparatively Haozhaogongzuo, but to get a high pay, good environment, it is quite difficult." LU Xiao-ming said that he and the students generally felt that undergraduate students are now not as technical school graduates looking for work unwelcome, "technical school graduates really grab a lot of units." The one hand, students work hard to find, on the other hand is a bad move employees. Hangzhou Xinxing Optical Co., Ltd. is a machinery manufacturing company, yesterday brought an electronic technician, electronics inspectors and clerks of three positions. "The first two positions we have been recruited, has been they wanted." Ms. Chen said the company human resources staff, not just these two positions, mid-level technical personnel, that is, skilled workers, technicians, has been a shortage of talent machinery enterprises . Yesterday, job fairs, is the more IT companies. IT companies, most of which are Riverside Park start-up technology economy enterprises. Such as the Aspen Extension Information Technology Co., Ltd., the main trading platform to do renewable resources. "For our company, more is the lack of executives." Chao said the company Human Resources Manager, the current gap is about corporate executives 5-10. Lack most hotel management professionals This reporter learned that, in 2009, Riverside District has conducted a survey in the whole region to develop a "Riverside District, 2009-2010, scarce talent development-oriented directory." Among them, the talent shortage in the industry is the most modern services and information technology industry. "In the past, Riverside is a relatively large number of industrial-based production companies. Now, the construction of a new portal Riverside, east of New Town, Qianjiang New City building, the industrial structure has undergone great changes, modern service industry and information technology class enterprise growth soon. "Riverside District Office, Personnel Bureau, said Shen Lin, personnel structure also will change. "According to our survey, the hotel is now the greatest shortages of management talent. With the urban construction, settled in Riverside's internationally renowned hotels increased, as will be assigned to the seven-star hotel in Qianjiang New City Landmark High Road, so the corresponding Such a growing demand for talent. "Shen Lin said. In addition, the Riverside District, many students new venture, according to incomplete statistics, there are about more than 100, most concentrated in the cyberspace technology economy Chuangye workshops and Riverside Park, "So, not only is the hotel management, information technology class Guanli talent is also very short. " The shortage of talent development-oriented directory, although the number of years marked the 2009 to 2010, in fact, the talent for the Riverside development of the next few years, providing a reference catalog. "Personnel structure is closely linked with the industrial structure, according to the region's industrial planning, in recent years will not have much adjustment, so the shortage of directory is valid within the last three years. Of course, if the industrial structure has undergone major changes, we will create a new directory. "Shen Lin said.