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Shi Plaza New Prosperity "GreenTree Hotel" 18 grand opening
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December 18, 2010 morning, the new prosperity Shi Plaza (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units) "GreenTree Hotel" in the garden held a grand opening ceremony of the hotel. Warm atmosphere, hot abnormalities. 9:08, by the person in charge of GreenTree Inn Northeast Chen Yuehua introduced GreenTree Hotel project, GreenTree Inns Hotel Management Group, is chairman Xu Shuguang rate of more multinational shareholders in November 2004 co-founded a wholly foreign international hotel chains, is the first business hotel chain brand. Currently, in the Chinese market, GreenTree has GreenTree's business chain hotel, apartments, hotels and youth hostels shells such as the four products. Ended December 2008, GreenTree Inn hotel brand has covered Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, more than 60 cities, the country has nearly 200 hotel chains. Meanwhile, the first GreenTree Inn abroad, in the United States, India, Indonesia and Vietnam developed hotel chain. 9:15, violin performance from the wonderful atmosphere of mobilization of the scene 9:20, Merchants Square, the new prosperity official person in charge of two fly on the new prosperity Shi Lu Plaza "GreenTree Hotel" project. Including the construction area, investment income and investment protection. 9:25, by the National Class One Performer, Anshan, head of opera singing group, "unlimited country", "New Drunken Beauty" Hotel property rights as the 21st century, new wealth model is continued traditional investment products, shops, offices after the innovative investment model, which is the most important tourist class property. Compared to traditional investment products, property style hotel with unparalleled four major advantages, namely a smaller, low-risk, high return, payback period is short; continuing value, the return of stability, investment and leisure tilapia. 9:35, sales manager Zhang Jun said priority VIP card customers start the election room. Other customers waiting when the election room for everyone to enjoy the new prosperity Shi sumptuous buffet prepared. 9:55, brilliant debut violin show again. 10:00, exciting magic show debut. 10:05, VIP room popular choice for the customer. During interspersed with artistic performance. Atmosphere climax after another. Moderator introduced later, will be lucky draw, all customers sign the success of the election room, have the opportunity to win big. Prizes have microwave ovens, 46-inch LCD TV. Shi Plaza is a new prosperous new Housing Development Co., Ltd. Anshan invest 10 billion yuan to build a shopping complex real estate projects. Project area of 3 million level, with a total construction area of 236,000 square meters, the new Trade City, the emerging city that never sleeps, new apartments, GreenTree Hotel four thematic structure, set high office, business, shopping, residential, hotel, dining, entertainment, rest and so one of the city complex, will be the center of the landmark buildings in Anshan, Anshan promoting the great development and construction of urban complex. Construction area of 19200 square ,7-26 a total of 20 layers. 7-10 layer which operators to address the needs of investment and the creation of bath center and upscale restaurants, 11-26th floor plan 320 guest rooms, but also lots of hotels around the founding of South and strong demand for the supplement; 27th floor plan for the conference center.