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Guest benefit: Found top-ranking brand and " Olympic Games " person of the same
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This cross guiding principle can understand so: Namely Bin Lijian is held is pair of clients " sincere letter " principle, offer tall " character " product and service, offer for the hotel " contracted " delicate, applicable product, every " detail " the design concept that gives priority to for guest, the product of guest benefit and service are met " special " at hotel things market. That is to say, guest benefit person serves what hold to and carry on his characteristic, product characteristic.

Guest benefit modelled his brand successfully. The extensive client natural resources that this is the hotel things market by right of more than 10 years and the product that accumulate for years are approbated degree, and the quality of the product and service. Company of guest benefit hotel strives " top-ranking management, top-ranking figure, top-ranking character, high-class service, top-ranking environment " , rapid in compete and cooperating development expands. Go after a kind of spirit " respect course of study to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland, transcend self " , hold to a kind of concept " sincerity is enterprise base oneself upon this, accredit is the source of company money, the fetch that innovation is business development " . Will pursue as always " forever innovation, ceaseless progress, develop continuously " management strategy, continue to hold to " with quality the first for the tenet, manage strictly, strict and impartial system, perfect a service, elaborate organization, design makes the product that makes an user satisfactory " quality guiding principle, ceaseless pursuit " solidarity, innovation, high grade, efficient " spirit of enterprise. Advocate all the time " the user is companionate " new-style client serves a concept.

Market chance -- capture " Olympic Games " infinite business chance

Prospect of hotel things market is valued by everybody all the time, because, any timeses need to have " hotel industry " existence, and want a hotel to exist only, inevitable meeting has the presence of hotel things supplier, that is to say, inevitable meeting is put in business chance of hotel things market. So, to broad hotel things supplier, the key sees this enterprise how roll out his characteristic product and characteristic service, better service at the client.

The Olympic Games is coming, guest benefit seizes Olympic Games business chance in time, the optimal west of it and Beijing, inferior abstruse international big public house establish good cooperative relationship, develop the hotel things market of Beijing jointly. And in fact, 2008 the Olympic Games of Beijing and the amount that rich met the world of Shanghai will raise a public house 2010, offer infinite business chance for hotel and hotel supplier. So, company of things of guest benefit hotel will be held to " sincere letter, seasonable, professional " service concept, for client fact travel standardization, standardization, synthesization, individuation serves, all-around raise service quality and level, found the service brand with Chinese travel top-ranking things, develop in all with hotel industry of China and hotel things industry!
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