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Tiger of Wang Yao of general manager of Shanghai thalassic edifice
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Tiger of Wang Yao of general manager of Shanghai thalassic edifice

Gentleman of tiger of king Monarch Yao is the first native land general manager that group of elegant tall hotel appoints in China. 1999, he begins to hold the position of Shanghai Suo Fei spy the executive manager assistant of Helen big public house. Hainan rich a huge legendary turtle was held the position of 2003 after the manager is stationed in inn of hotel of Suo Fei spy, hold the position of 2003, of forum of Asia of a huge legendary turtle of 2004 year gain recieve an organization to work.

The Shanghai thalassic edifice that takes office as at present, it is the hotel type boarding house that by 4 stars class the standard builds one, although return,be hotel type apartment, but be different from astral class hotel again, live the guest includes business affairs, travel to wait short rent a settle or live in a strange place, of all kinds long rent a house, also include small or petty proprietor. As hotel management the company must use different train of thought and its door to communicate, satisfy their requirement. However the limitation of condition of oneself of block of flats, make its hardware is deployed lag behind at hotels of those fast star class, but the guest identifies accurate elegant tall brand however, below such condition, would rather be in as general manager the condition was not created below conditional circumstance, also do not blame the lack of establishment. "Here does not have greenhouse and cake room, if the guest needs, I think method orders a flower for him certainly, let chef make cake for him, although serve as a big public house, you also cannot say to the guest ' I Don ' T Care ' . You also cannot say to the guest ' I Don ' T Care ' ..

Regard a hotel as practitioner, general manager of tiger of king Monarch Yao is to the understanding of this industry: Becoming a public house is not research missile, do not need to have very profound knowledge, but must place oneself position, since be service type business, be about with one one's heart endeavors, person inviting a customer and boss see a result. As a controller, do not be afraid that employee does not understand, but want modest, want to have the urge for improvement.

The Wang Zong in people look is an aspirant, serious person, must make oneself very tired seriously occasionally, the business was not done good, sleep to be not worn become aware, always not be free from anxiety in the heart. "Serious 2 words, I miss this all one's life is a change not know clearly. But the way that considers problem, processing issue is becoming gradually mature as the growth of the age. Consider group and client not only, consider owner benefit even, this interest includes economic benefits and social benefit. " Wangzong says so.

Working resume:

- came to held the position of assistant manager of department of big public house of Wen Hua of dark blue of Shanghai bright and beautiful is big manager, antechamber 1994 1987.
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