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The group is purchased will be to will develop a tendency henceforth
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-- old hotel of big house of special interview Guilin purchases department manager Wang Anlin

Old hotel of Guilin big house is the Guangxi that will enter bloc government by world-famous happy event hotel of class of the first 5 stars, current, this hotel has more than 400 rooms, hotel manner having a unique style, the hotel is located in beautiful Guilin downtown Li river riverside. Managing and service respect is very famous, it is the famous public house that enjoys great reputation. This hotel purchases the hotel procurement control that when department manager Mr Wang Anlin is accepting this net to interview, speaks of and experience, worth while draw lessons from inside course of study.

Purchase: Group interior purchases platform advantage to highlight

Regard class of a 5 stars as the hotel, what old hotel of Guilin big house uses to the management that purchase is current domestic and international public house the relatively advanced unified concentration in managing mode manages mode. Introduce according to Mr Wang, the hotel management group that runs old restaurant of Guilin big house at present owns many 30 hotel in the whole nation, will increase by degrees with the speed of annual and benign development later. Hotel management group is built in-house common purchases platform, should purchase network system to perfect, management is advanced, interior of each hotel have the aid of purchases a net to realize all sorts of information to share inside the group, make be purchased on the net to one part kinds or types of goods, still will increase pair of amounts that purchase on the net and strength henceforth, purchase cost and character to gain first-rate control. Hotel management company buys contest mark activity through fair exploitation, it is good to choose a few credits to spend, product and service quality relatively the interior that the supplier of actor joins a group is communal purchase a net in, convenient each are big of the hotel purchase daily.

Old hotel of Guilin big house purchases department manager Wang Anlin

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Mr Wang thinks, this kind purchases way than previously purchase dispersedly for, the quality that purchases the price and product, service has an advantage relatively, because the hotel purchases the dimensions with was formed certain, purchase an amount big, the supplier is willing to undertake long-term cooperation, natural meeting is offerred for the hotel high quality the product with price privilege, and can provide better service, the cooperation that builds mutual benefit of long-term mutually beneficial concerns. Inside period of time, once the supplier enters hotel group to purchase in-house net, may form constant pressure to other and congener businessman, of course they also can be faced actively, the quality that improves oneself and service will be contended for market share. Compete to form of course, the hotel also often can choose a supplier afresh according to the change of the market, basically be from quality of product quality, service and price 3 respects consider integratedly, also can choose a few different businessmen according to the specific and actual condition of each hotel. When hotel group is purchased, having one part product is to follow manufacturer collaboration directly, some is choice agent collaboration. And, mr Wang thinks, because realized resource to share, the information between each hotel is communicated relatively expedite and convenient, avoided to looked for the awkwardness that is less than right product in the past. Shortened greatly procurement cycle, get the group purchases preferential price, better control purchase cost.
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