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Bright and beautiful Dou Yang city: Make one-stop purchase hotel things city " a
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Promote world of business of things of Hangzhou collect hotel to manage systematic formation

"Bright and beautiful city of things of hotel of international of Dou Yang city is comprehensive after practice, the will better economy that promotes Hangzhou market grows, form the management system of world of business of things of Hangzhou collect hotel truly! " Yangzhou bright and beautiful buy course of study respecting of ground of self-confidence of Wang Jianzhen of limited company general manager. It is reported, hangzhou collect " of Chinese hotel things " honor is profit from government support energetically, at the same time the development fixed position of the project and governmental area develop strategic photograph be identical, become governmental focal point to support a boy or girl friend, drew the attention of countless investor, perfect life form a complete set also laid solid foundation for commercial investment, install and other places as to Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Nantong, the Huaihe River therefore in Yangzhou, have a voice more and more resonant already, clearer and clearer, that is: Go to Hangzhou collect, go doing 500 billion yuan business together!

The appeal is given out to begin in municipal Party committee, municipal government " learn Hangzhou collect, drive Hangzhou market, powerful garrison post enrichs the people go straight towards well-off " of the activity today, hangzhou collect regards Chinese hotel as things, become the pride of Yangzhou person again. The Hangzhou collect now, be in Han river, Yangzhou and even Su Zhong area, it is famous economic powerful garrison post, what the development of Hangzhou collect leans is the industry stands a town, hotel things is one of its bibcock industries, odd tooth brush, the market is had rate take home market 80% , 35% of the international market, the bedding of the stainless steel things of area of its week border district, series and towel quite large share that also holds countrywide hotel to drain things market sale daily.

Spin hotel things industry is made one-stop purchase a center

According to Hangzhou market town appoint stamp of vice secretary Cao Yu shows, hangzhou of industry of things of travel of town public house " small 6 " in, include things of sanitation of tooth brush, toothpaste, toilet soap, mosquito-repellent incense, woman and hotel hotel one-time things, among them, it is relatively mature to develop at present besides tooth brush industry outside, other 5 still have very large promotion space. Those who pass internationalization trade the production that platform can accelerate industry of hotel travel things and sale, of enlarge China tooth brush wash gargle things to detect with the country central settle the brand effect of Hangzhou collect. Can draw lessons from 3 laugh at mode, encourage hotel things to produce enterprise and foreign capital engraft, overcome capital bottleneck; Draw lessons from experience of flower fining jade, encourage hotel articles for use manufacturing company and appear on the market company engraft, implementation mechanism innovates. Mechanism of enterprise of support civilian battalion innovates again, innovation of industry science and technology, brand innovation makes industry of strong hotel things; Rely on a government to drive, the enterprise is started, the market is pulled move this 3 big " main body " spin hotel things industry.
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