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The hotel purchases: The hotel is collected for the system construction moves to
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-- big public house of bay of Hangzhou of brook of special interview kind purchases department manager Weng Hualong
Hangzhou bay big public house is an international restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of 5 stars stage, also be Zhejiang province is obtained the first batch " green restaurant " one of honorary restaurant. What all these cannot leave a hotel to purchase a ministry is silent and cultivated, the procurement control of hotel high quality created intangible value for the hotel. Recently, this network special report Hangzhou bay big public house purchases department manager Mr Weng Hualong, with respect to this hotel purchase the job and current public house to purchased market current situation to talk about a few views.
Sincere letter system builds the market remain to be strengthened further
Old man the gentleman thinks, although present network is mixed science and technology more and more develop, information communicates channel more and more develop, but another issue that current public house purchases the market to be faced with is the market sincere letter system still remains to be strengthened further. The nearsightedness behavior of a few businessmen still exists. Accordingly, to assure quality, most circumstance can choose a few aptitude the businessman with good value of tall, brand cooperates, in order to reduce oneself loss. Of course, as hotel things market more and more specialization and the service is changed, more and more businessmen take what sincere letter serves value seriously to accumulate, the superior bad discard that the market competes can eliminate a few non-standard operations after all, those prices are con, shoddy wait for market action to will receive a standard.
Hotel procurement control is put in double contradiction
Speak of current hotel procurement control developing the current situation, old man the gentleman thinks, upgrade as what the hotel manages, it is more and more mature that hotel management group is run, the way that the hotel purchases and program also produce a few changes, go up from theory for, this development direction is correct, purchase those who offer to perfect to communicate for the hotel already channel and purchase channel, also can assure to purchase quality from whole at the same time, reduce purchase cost. But everything has two sides sex, unified because tigidity management is some more,purchase, human nature changes purchase corresponding ground to decrease. Be in actual in, the particular situation of each hotels is not same, below the case that strengthens in trend of current individuation demand especially, each hotel does not hope to duplicate simply way of other public house, hope to be able to have oneself uniqueness however, this report arrives purchase on for, it is the individual character requirement that human nature changes, the field such as requirement of standard of the design to hotel things, quality, service is endless and same. If be the program changes the ground to unite only,purchase accord with actual condition not quite completely also, the comparison that this contradiction is behaving at present is outstanding.
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