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The hotel purchases: News channel not free delivers generation of 2 hard hot wat
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-- house of state guest of west lake of special interview Hangzhou collects department manager Chen Guojiang

Hundred years come, liu Zhuang has had brilliant, had witnessed the history, had acquired a new life. Ever by our country generation leader treats the 2nd native land, ever also welcomed the 2nd generation of a batch of another batch China, the 3rd acting leader and foreign dynast and all directions visitor on behalf of Zhejiang people, obtained extremely high honor. In former days Liu Zhuang, the house of state guest of Hangzhou west lake that is now, she is located in the west lake west, 3 be faced with backer of lake, one side, court area 360 thousand square metre, because the environment is beautiful, the building is exquisite, display is elegant and the coronal resides a west lake the first garden. What house of so brilliant state guest of Hangzhou west lake purchases the market in the hotel is famous spend reverberate like thunder. Recently, this network special report this hotel purchases department manager Chen Guojiang, he is long the feeling word that utters via battlefield deserves course of study the attention of wife person.

House of state guest of Hangzhou west lake purchases department manager Chen Guojiang to point out, the hotel purchases demand increasingly grow in quantity, especially equipment of galley equipment, restaurant and engineering equipment, but the breed that purchase is much and miscellaneous, virtually gives purchase brought a few difficulty.

Difficult differentiate of quality true and false

When speaking of quality of things of the hotel on current market, mr Chen very sigh with emotion. He thinks, the market competes mix without foreword coessential change an appearance, the quality that caused hotel things is uneven. When the hotel is being purchased, value product quality stand or fall above all. However, the quality of a lot of products cannot assure at all, even the quality of product of a few brands also be unworthy of the name or the title. When invite public bidding is purchased, almost every supplier flatters oneself product how good, but in using a process actually however the question is very much. Current, the hotel is being purchased from time to tome oneself level that chooses a supplier, it is to assure to be able to buy good product. When selecting a product, the hotel is not complete select the product with low price only, can consider quality, price and service integratedly however 3 person, thereby preferred choose the supplier with integrated tall grading.

Iformation flow opens channel not expedite

The market purchases to put in a such odd groups in the hotel: It is nowhere can find the articles for use that the hotel is badly in need of at the same time, the product that is a businessman however at the same time is like hill in the accumulation in storeroom, because cannot be found,buy the home finally and abandon reproduction. This is one of problems that Mr Chen mentions in interview. He says, a few small products especially project kind equipment, demand is little but must deploy again, when purchasing find appropriate supplier very hard, it is to adopt manufacturer to order the way that make to purchase commonly. Because demand is too little,can be, a lot of manufacturer are not willing; The manufacturer offerring money that a few have long-term cooperation to concern can help order do, but the demand of product quality short of that makes because of blame major possibly. In addition, in the competition of discard of market superior bad, because things of a lot of hotels is long-term market demand gross is small, the manufacturer that produces this kind of product originally arrived to also exit the market at present, cause this kind of requisite very strange be short of.
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