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Beijing palmy tree: Improve the quality of people surroundings
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-- Li Chunli of director of administration of limited company of development of technology of palmy tree of special interview Beijing

Technology of Beijing palmy tree develops limited company to held water 1992, it is home at present the most professional production lasts one of professional manufacturer of palmy tree. It is reported, company ever cost is huge endowment purchased from the United States last technology and equipment, have what bedding face accumulates to cultivate base in Mexico, its headquarters is set in Beijing, unified managing and match goods to sell business to the cent of countrywide each district. The product of company of Beijing palmy tree is to pass international to detect the environmental protection product of orgnaization attestation, the travel hotel that becomes national tourism bureau to appoint is special houseplant, win the bid successfully for many times project of afforest of whole of hotel, airport. Have about a hundred client, product sale reachs China each are big city. Current, company forward the development with a benign orderly direction, already became last the admiral brand of palmy tree industry.

Technology of Beijing palmy tree develops Li Chunli of director of limited company administration

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Offer high grade product first-rate to serve safeguard

Technology of Beijing palmy tree develops limited company advocate promoting a product is to last palmy tree and emulation plant, the product basically is aimed at the high-level meeting place such as astral class hotel, airport, high-grade office building. Current, company major landscape kind the product sells past hotel market, be aimed at this market technically then, roll out a lot of landscape again recently kind new product, basically include plant of the landscape outdoor and selva landscape product to wait, this makes the company lasts in former some the sort that all sorts of palmy tree, abnormity abounded a product on the emulation tree, foundation that confuses the product such as certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of your golden hill, also satisfied the industry such as building of guesthouse, hotel, dining-room, business affairs, family, airport, bazaar, enterprise, school greatly at the same time the demand of artistic decorate.

In fact, limited company of development of technology of Beijing palmy tree basically is offerred rarer last plant, but the demand for contented and different client, confuse you to living in the market to also be offerred model landscape product. In intense market competition, company with high grade product, reasonable price, considerate after service, those who got a client is extensive approbate and love and esteem, it becomes a client indoors outside the assistant with afforest adornment good side and friend. Plum the manager emphasizes saying: "Company all through the ages pays attention to after service, our product will be executed lifelong safeguard make " . Beijing palmy tree has senior stylist to have the on-the-spot observation of early days for the client, give out the soundest design program; Next, sale adviser can be coordinated for the client from all detail problems that conclude the contract appears in after service, and professional technical staff can be finished for the client considerate, meticulous, safe, high grade installation works, distinguish help client the character of truly eligible product and difference at the same time. Beijing palmy tree will offer first-rate to serve safeguard for the client heart and soul.
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