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Zhong Yali: See a service at fine point, see credit from inside quality
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-- Yin Jun of general manager of limited company of things of hotel of Zhong Yali of special interview Beijing

"We want to be spent with active choice expression, termless provide excellent service for the client! " Yin Jun of general manager of limited company of things of hotel of Beijing Zhong Yali such respecting. As we have learned, limited company of things of Zhong Yali hotel held water 1986, in registering Hong Kong 2003 inferior benefit (group) spin creates limited company, it is major is medium the manufacturing manufacturer of high-grade hotel cloth grass, offer a needle to spin series things for guesthouse, hotel all the time, and one-time things mixes toilet to serve high gradely.

The subordinate unit of the company has limited company of things of hotel of Beijing Zhong Yali, in Hong Kong inferior benefit (group) spin creates limited company, beijing Zhong Yali breathes out Zhong Yali of city branch, Macao (group) agency of limited company of spin of Zhong Yali of limited company of spin production limited company, textile of Zhuhai allusion abundant, Suzhou, Shanghai, guesthouse is special unit Jiangsu the Huaihe River brings the pool capital of towel limited company of weaving of towel of city grand this world. The scope of business of the company spreads all over our country each are big city, already outspread to Hong Kong, macao and other places. According to divulging, zhong Yali just was made an appointment with with autograph of Lanzhou military region, will have broader development stage later. Of course, zhong Yali also tried water in abroad a few days ago, its product is in enlighten do obeisance to a sale very pretty good, the prospect that believes Zhong Yali company a light!

Yin Jun of general manager of limited company of things of hotel of Beijing Zhong Yali

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Take product quality seriously to hold to adjust measures to local conditions

In development course of more than 20 years, gathered substantial natural resources and abundant actual strength. Zhong Yali company has the most advanced large computer sew with long stitches to seam sew with long stitches of computer of machine, single shot to seam the most advanced of all kinds spin such as machine to make equipment, already formed perfect spin to adorn series product production line, the company takes the lead in managing systematic attestation and ISO14001 environmental protection to manage systematic attestation through ISO9001 quality, go in the front row of course of study of person of the same trade. Its vestee, blanch cloth, towel to use gauze and other raw material, from weaving, float catch all close good quality by national level, it is a principle with small profits but quick turnover.

The company executes production for years, treatment, sale, after service one continuous line dogs service. Advocate push a product to include bedding series, dining-room uses strain to list, series of guest room sundry goods. Now year key advocate push bedding and hang Wei (curtain) range of products. Not long ago, zhong Yali company develops careless set of VT dining-room cloth successfully, colourful beauty is refined, have good decontamination sex, tablecloth density hangs down greatly sense is better, cloth cover level off, feel abounds nature, not fade not shrink, do not have a ball, do not gather up silk, fight knit, grain is fine, stretch sufficient, permeability beautiful is durable performance is stronger, exceed cotton range puissant and fivefold above, one-time investment compares cotton face slightly some taller, but whole use value should compare cotton cloth a lot of more economical. Color includes color of bright red color, yellow, blackish green to wait. As we have learned, the sale of this product is pretty good all the time.
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