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Zhang Meijiang: Shallow discuss contemporary hotel person to manage originally
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As the rapid development of our country socioeconomy, "The person manages originally " more and more get the praise highly of hotel industry, if why managing development process backbone to hold " the person manages originally " , the controller that makes hotel trade people the heat topic that discussing all the time.

In ceaseless promotion hotel hardware is luxurious degree, ceaseless roll out while characteristic serves, carry out hard " the person manages originally " , do one's best accomplishs a person to use up its just, dig staff latent capacity to the greastest extent, the job that produces employee to the greastest extent is enthusiastic, ceaseless promotion hotel serves a level, in order to realize a hotel " win a customer, gain the market, win gain, win development " ultimate goal, become the Utopian status that hotel controller seeks.

The author thinks, a modern hotel, only incorporate things of diverse nature, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, take the route that the manpower resource that suits him characteristic runs, just be the way that the hotel develops. Hold to " the person manages originally " can try to carry out from 4 respects.

One, management of aggrandizement manpower resource, bring up the employee rank of a high quality hard

Pay attention to manpower resource to manage, foster the hotel staff rank of high quality, it is the hotel holds to " the person manages originally " quintessential place, because of the author of group of holiday of international of no less than Mr Kaimeng Wilson says this: "Without satisfactory employee, do not have satisfactory client. " in the hotel service line of business that is in our country, because of employee quality on the low side (if record of formal schooling is general not tall, the necessary skill such as the foreign language masters insufficient, sufferring traditional idea to affect many employee to still regard service client is to serve a customer, professional accomplishment lack waits) a moment, and the condition that causes problem of occurrence service quality is not scarce. This from a flank, report gives a such reality: Our country shows the hotel industry of level, employee quality and skill are far still cannot get used to domestic and international client increasingly personalized demand. Accordingly, the controller of contemporary hotel people be necessary to strengthen manpower resource to manage from the following respects, bring up rank of employee of a high quality hard.

(One) use " usage of disposition spy invite applications for jobs " , enhance the post adaptability of hotel staff

The adaptability of employee disposition, it is hotel choice employee element of a very fundamental condition. In hotel industry, employee finds new job the phenomenon is relatively common, and blame with because of " disposition blemish " adaptability of post of be caused by is differred and find new job occupy bigger, and frequent employee finds new job to increase hotel labour cost directly not only, still can bring about the thought wave motion with other frequent employee, affect employee rank and the stability that the hotel works.
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