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Decode Olympic Games village athlete of big shop sign of 3 big composition did n
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Which a few shares does village of Olympic Games of Sohu sports dispatch include? Can the bed that Yao Ming sleeps when the Olympic Games have the place of He Te different? Athlete of big shop sign whether enjoy special keep an eye on? Draw near as the Olympic Games increasingly, these problems are afraid the person place that is Olympic Games of Beijing of each heart department pays close attention to. Beijing time on March 5, group of abstruse village construction is in village of Olympic Games of Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete center of news of Beijing Olympic Games holds a news briefing, to the construction of the Olympic Games the circumstance undertook introductory. After the conference ends, the media that attend a meeting still undertook visiting to Olympic Games village ahead of schedule. Regard Olympic Games village as the undersecretary, the problem that deputy director general of Beijing tourism bureau pays close attention to everybody at De Bin refers answer. "Say simply, the concept of Olympic Games village is 3 villages two inn. " the query that faces medium, yu Debin is so wraparound, "3 villages are village of athlete village, green home media and member apartment village, two inn are two hotels. " introduce according to Yu Debin, athlete village is being assumed come from 205 countries, 16000 athletes and the accommodation task of the personnel that follow a line. Will set 12 residential area among them, include 42 boarding house, 9993 rooms. About room area, yu Debin says: "Specific room area basis door differ and differ somewhat. " between the example of Olympic Games village that faces media to open, the reporter sees a two 3 room room, toilet, sitting room is set respectively in every flatlet, two pieces of beds and a balcony include inside every room room. Be in room and room have sex place, still can see special design, contain the clay sculpture of Chinese characteristic for example. The bed that Yao Ming sleeps during the Olympic Games that pays close attention to to everybody can have the problem of the place of He Te different, yu Debin says: "We prepared lengthen stool to every bed, assure to be able to satisfy the requirement of most athlete. Resemble Yao Ming such special athlete, we ask what put forward according to delegacy and specific setting. " in addition, athlete village still is set exclusive area. Yu Debin introduces: "For instance football geometric ratio is surpassed, need passes preliminary contest, semifinal to wait wash out a mechanism, can pass so exclusive the area will undertake. " to reflect Beijing Olympic Games " humanitarian Olympic Games " concept, olympic Games village is special still set different recreational area. "Olympic Games village includes 50 × 20 meters swim pool, center of a fitness, house of ball of the runway of sauna area, massage area, tennis court and whole and billiards room, corsac and Internet bar, still planned the recreational program of special performance everyday. " Yu Debin expresses so. Besides athlete village, olympic Games village still includes village of green home media and member apartment village. Village of green home media can accommodate condition inside and outside 6000, distance advocate place has 10 minutes of spaces. Member apartment village still is assuming 1000 all the more the media outside churchyard lodges. "What two inn point to is two hotels of Olympic Games village, be in charge of assuming the accommodation of nearly 800 non-permanent staffs. " Yu Debin expresses. In addition, to can realize Olympic Games fairness, just principle, yu Debin still expresses, each athlete will enjoy equal treatment inside Olympic Games village, nonexistent " athlete of big shop sign is special pay " say. (Sohu sports why hydrocarbon hydrocarbon) (responsibility edits: Pirate)

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