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Group plan: Tian Liang is carried wife Xie Yiqian of Beijing showing a body alre
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Xie Yiqian is pregnant reveal one's true features of big in July abdomen

After Tian Liang announced to retire formally last year, continue to finish the school work of Master graduate student and the job that hold the position of Shaanxi to save vice director of natant sports management center to Tsinghua university. Last year end, more lightning and pat the cummer Xie Yiqian that procrastinates more than 1 year to act according to child get married, although marry that evening, put on the small grand of abdomen of new a form of address for one's wife of marriage gauze, but two people still do his utmost to deny. Nevertheless, the fact is excelled Demosthenic, this Zhou Yi dusk, the reporter discovers Tian Liang and big abdomen wife leave Beijing together together building of a shadow, although Xie Yiqian puts on thick coat, but still cloak does not live be pregnant already the big abdomen of 7 months. Additional, cayenne SUV of 1.35 million yuan of when cropland shines to still driving the year before last year to purchase nimble when protecting 4 drive car. To record pregnant happy part, tian Liang is special take wife to take a picture to shadow building, and a suit is contracted the Tian Liang that dress up at the dusk 6 when much above all the pace gives shadow floor, then rapid pace walks along seat of honour to drive, the purpose is sail the car close doorway, good let love wife need not go too much road, and changed raddled Tian Tai, need to set his mind at in the doorway only look forward to is decided it is OK to wait for husband, later, after still waiting for wife to had sat, Tian Liang just applies Shi Ran to drive slowly. Pardonable Tian Tai is in marry to bear that evening hm live shed tear to say: "I should do a nice lady, good son's wife, can marry Tian Liang is the biggest happiness in my lifetime, it is my preexistence writes the happy lot that come, I can be cherished well. "