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Olympic Games village opened a village to will recieve 16000 athletes and offici
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The 1st page:  of stay of proceedings of summary Shun awake fetterses soak of Qiao of  of Dong of 2 evil salary oh page of? of  Wo Song: Summary Shun waits till go this ┌ neighs Qiang of Mu of Shan of Lin the She nationality drinks  slightly " plan of group of circumstance of? Introduction Yu Debin: Olympic Games village head lift mysterious veil contemporary breath is full-bodied pay attention to plan of environmental protection group: Olympic Games village greeted guest village on July 27 inside " green " Beijing of incomputable Xinhua News Agency on March 5 Olympic Games special telegram (reporter Wang Chong) Yu Debin of vice director of group of abstruse village construction is in village of BOCOG Olympic Games and incomplete 5 days to disclose here, beijing Olympic Games (news of Beijing Olympic Games, beijing Olympic Games says) abstruse village opens village of the oldest Olympic Games of blame contest place, incomplete the time that shut a village is all already and affirmatory. According to Introduction Yu Debin, olympic Games village opens a village formally on July 27, shut a village on August 27. Abstruse village opened incomplete formally on August 30 village, shut a village on September 20. Yu Debin expresses, beijing Olympic Games (news of Beijing Olympic Games, beijing Olympic Games says) village of village of the athlete village that Olympic Games village includes Beijing, green home media, media of the apartment that collect a source, super- make up athlete of official place where troops are stationed, Qingdao cent village and super- make up match of horsemanship of official place where troops are stationed, Hong Kong to divide a village. Olympic Games village still will assume damage abstruse meeting delegacy welcomes the job, incomplete turns when abstruse meeting for incomplete abstruse village. It is reported, olympic Games village is more than 16 thousand athlete when contest and home of the living ground of the official that follow a line, each country and headquarters of delegacy of area Olympic committee and seat of conference of head of delegation, it is the place that holds delegacy to welcome ceremony and activity of of all kinds culture, still be guest of activity of Olympic Games security, traffic, meal, environment, ceremony at the same time recieve, culture of religious service, medical treatment service, China reveals the main room that waits for a project to move. Read related: Olympic Games village goes well the Olympic Games village that fulfils 3 old concepts to will greet a visitor at opening the door on July 27, project is finished basically already, no matter be,its build a project, reflected adequately " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " 3 Dali read aloud, go after harmony of humanitarian, building, environment to unite. . . [Full text] [leave a message] decode Olympic Games village athlete of big shop sign of 3 big composition did not set village of special treatment Olympic Games to finish living environment basically already to achieve international village of advanced standard Olympic Games offers the village of service Olympic Games with safe comfortable and convenient harmony to set two media villages to recieve 7000 to register media staff for delegacy: Old full)

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