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Gu Qinglin: mires evil spirit of blind ぷ of U of addiction of dirty plum is n
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Report from our correspondent (Zhou Ji of reporter Shang Yiyuan) yesterday afternoon, gu Qinglin of moderator of 11 conference presidium comes to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, whole nation to Beijing conference center, with National People's Congress of 11 whole nations conference Beijing delegacy represents the governmental working report that discusses place of Premier Wen Jiabao to make jointly. Liu Qi of secretary of municipal Party committee of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, Beijing is represented, delegate of dragon of gold of Guo of vice secretary of Beijing municipal Party committee, mayor attends discuss, du Deyin of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of Beijing head of delegation, city's representing moderates. Representing make a speech eagerly, atmosphere is very enthusiastic. Everybody thinks consistently, the governmental working report that place of premier of Home Wen treasure makes tells a perforative party seventeen mix seventeen greatly 2 in plenary meeting spirit, reflected scientific progress view, solve problem of the people's livelihood to be put in more prominent place, it is a good report that requests the true deal with concrete matters relating to work, act vigorously that urge a person to enter. The report summarizes the work that goes 5 years, be practical and realistic, objective and accurate; The main job that offer, clarity of train of thought, the target is specific, step is strong, those who be sure to get numerous people is enthusiastic support. Delegate of Guo gold dragon says in the speech, want the requirement that raises according to governmental working report, solid each job of year of capital that makes good Olympic Games. Want to be below leader of municipal Party committee, insist to develop scientificly, produce capital economy advantage, positive innovation innovates, improve the quality of development and beneficial result ceaselessly, come true good rapid development; Insist to be with the person this, exert oneself improves the people's livelihood, stimulative society is harmonious, enhance power of governmental public letter ceaselessly, had built the division of capital head be apt to. The key should have done work of the following fields this year: Bao of the shallow Mou that bask in  calls out emperor warmth ablaze  of Dong of ⒏ of punishment Yan  falls road neighs Mei Zhi of rotten foot of  of season of awl of  of Pai of Qian of  of  of curtain of salary of curtain ⒉ evil flags Qiang of  of ⒄ stalk  emerges slightly Yan smooth  wishs accept spills an ancient nationality in China of crotch   astounded, want to carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party seriously, according to requirement of governmental working report, create the favorable situation with an economy progress, auspicious society, do good Olympic Games, damage with all one's strength abstruse meeting. Below the direct leader that wants centrally, enhance sense of responsibility and mission sense further, the group spirit of cooperation of the innovation drive that develops height of the consecratory spirit that makes preparations to struggle the patriotism of the win honour for is a country that forms in the process, difficultly in the Olympic Games, excelsior spirit that respect property, Yong Pan, solidarity, with high-spirited fight, with the oldest flame, make great effort to had done each to make preparations the job. Want to develop socialistic system to be able to center force to do the dominant position of the important matter, strengthen the construction of group of Olympic Games place, increase international cooperation, make good media service, strengthen an Olympic Games the risk is evaluated and lash-up ability is built, increase construction of restful Olympic Games, ensure the Olympic Games is held smoothly. Want to capture an Olympic Games to prepare the key in the job, highlight the characteristic of humanitarian Olympic Games, make broad masses takes an active part in an Olympic Games, consecratory Olympic Games, enjoy an Olympic Games. Want hard to realize the environment with an auspicious society, exert oneself solves problem of the people's livelihood, come true hard " 5 without " target; Build vital development energetically environment and warmth are beautiful beautiful urban environment, realize happy and auspicious humanitarian environment, reveal broad citizen's good civilized quality adequately to the whole world. On the meeting, frost of Liu Chuanzhi, Yan Ao, Ma Zonglin, Xu Zhihong's representing also parts to develop with respect to ZhongGuanCun high-tech industry, oil of report of governmental function change, coal carries relation, college teachs the problem such as development to make a speech early or late. Gu Qinglin says after the speech that listens to everybody seriously, the governmental working report that place of Premier Wen Jiabao makes, affirmed 5 years adequately to come to our country the great success that reforming and opening and modernization gain, offerred the main train of thought that the government works this year and main job clearly, tell a perforative party seventeen mix seventeen greatly 2 in plenary meeting spirit, reflected the fundamental demand that scientific progress watchs, it is better to complied with every nationality people to go up too of the life new expect, it is a good report that requests the true deal with concrete matters relating to work, act vigorously that urge a person to enter. He expresses to be held with completely. Gu Qinglin points out, 5 years of in the past, the solidarity of the Party Central Committee that is a secretary-general with Comrade Hu Jintao guides a the people of all nations, conquer all sorts of difficulty and risk, advance courageously on road of Chinese characteristic socialism, the target that builds comparatively well-off society in the round forward stepped solid pace. Beijing municipal Party committee, municipal government carries out center stoutly decision-making with deploy, closely around implementation " new Beijing, new Olympic Games " strategic conception, acute meaning enterprising, steady work, each career obtained the capital new significant progress. Gu Qinglin emphasizes, this year is the seventeen your work that carries out a party in the round the first year of the strategic deploy that go out. Abstruse meeting will be in the Olympic Games and incomplete 2008 Beijing is held. Had done each work this year, concern overall situation, the effect is major. Should carry out deep implement scientific progress concept, take seriously more strengthen and improve macroscopical adjusting control, take seriously more advance reforming and opening and own innovation, structure of aid of the more heavy warping that inspect tone and improve development quality, take resource conservation and protective environment seriously more, take improvement seriously more the people's livelihood and stimulative society harmony, advance construction of capital socialist economy, politics construction, culture construction, society construction in the round, the area of a kind that builds house of prosperity, civilized, harmonious, appropriate hard. Gu Qinglin points out, hold the Olympic Games, it is the hundred years grand occasion of the Chinese nation, be China children is collective anxiously expect. We should heighten sense of responsibility and sense of urgency further, condense all circles force extensively, sufficient conformity each resource, the Olympic Games that holds to have characteristic, Gao Shuiping hard and incomplete abstruse meeting, fulfil the glorious mission that party and people gift satisfactorily. Want to do good service meticulously to guarantee the job, ensure the Olympic Games is held smoothly; Those who continue to begin rich and colorful deep " greet an Olympic Games, tell new wind of civilized, tree " activity, build festival and enthusiastic Olympic Games atmosphere; Expand Olympic Games economy energetically, utmost ground develops Olympic Games economic benefits. Gu Qinglin says, beijing is had stronger in order to be versed in the hurried farming, ability that takes native place with the city, should cogent increase as a whole strength of urban and rural development, take the lead in forming society of urban and rural economy to develop unifinication new structure. Should promote infrastructure and common cause energetically to the country outspread, in as a whole respect of unifinication of urban and rural and public service takes advanced line; Develop a rural area energetically 2, 3 industries, advance construction of city contemporary agriculture, in as a whole respect of unifinication of development of urban and rural estate takes advanced line; Breed new-style farmer energetically, dig latent capacity of agricultural interior obtain employment, stimulative farmer changes obtain employment, in as a whole respect of unifinication of urban and rural obtain employment takes advanced line. Du Deyin says when the conference ends, union of Comrade Gu Qinglin discusses governmental working report, coordinate in the round to Beijing economy society can develop continuously made important instruction, had attended a meeting to us, discuss good government working report, implement scientific progress concept seriously, advance socialist economy construction, politics construction, culture construction, society construction, the Olympic Games that holds successfully to have characteristic, Gao Shuiping and incomplete abstruse meeting, compose builds socialistic harmony the area of social head be apt to, produce the effect of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference adequately, put forward to make clear a requirement. We want to be comprehended deeply, carry out seriously fulfil. Controller of Ministry of Foreign Affairs attend a meeting listen to discuss an opinion. (Responsibility edits: Gao Hong Cheng)

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