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Sports of Olympic Games village stars without special treatment athlete apartmen
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Report from our correspondent (Liu Peng of gentle and quiet trainee flies to the reporter) " equality is after entering Olympic Games village, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee adopts uniform service policy to all athletes. " abstruse village builds village of BOCOG Olympic Games and incomplete Yu Debin of group vice director, the program of Olympic Games village that held yesterday, construction and contest fortune express on the press conference of travel circumstance, to all athlete treat equally without discrimination. Will undertake village of drilling Olympic Games builds square, nation living on July 3 Introduction Liu Rong of abstruse investment firm, of Olympic Games village outside establish face, interior establishment and decorate finish already basically. Undertaking relevant ending works at present, include intelligence to turn system and afforest project. Yu Debin says, olympic Games village opens a village formally on July 27, shut a village on August 27. Abstruse village opened incomplete formally on August 30 village, abstruse village shut incomplete on September 20 village. Will undertake living drilling on July 3, according to bear of the design when the Olympic Games is surpassed, include drilling of function of illuminative of inside and outside of tap water, catchment, room to all execute full load to check. Meal exceeds all previous Olympic Games to ask Yu Debin says, apartment of athlete of Olympic Games village shares 42, 9993 rooms, a room lives two athletes. The specific allocation of the room press strictly conventionally, basically be with the country delegacy differentiates. The key gives head of delegation, specific live to be allocated by each country proper motion. Room amount should exceed an athlete to need an amount. "Every athlete deserves to have lengthen bedplate. If resemble Yao Ming this kind of circumstance, can undertake special design according to the requirement of delegacy. " Introduction Yu Debin, cent of Olympic Games village is south area and boreal area two dining rooms. "The food that Olympic Games village provides during current Olympic Games will exceed the requirement of all previous Olympic Games. " have foreign media query, the athlete lives from Olympic Games village whether should the area undertake installing check to another living area. Yu Debin expresses, after the athlete enters Olympic Games village will unlimited, when because be in,entering a village already test and verify all link that install check. Athlete apartment already sold out basically when visiting athlete apartment, reporter discovery, olympic Games village used trouble-free design system, have in room peripheral trouble-free path of ramp, blind, passageway of every house building is used with the road outdoor make the same score received kind. Reach in communal architectural space indoor mature trouble-free all of straight water water system of establishment and high level. Yu Debin expresses, olympic Games village will let an athlete enter the warmth that can feel the home, human nature changes a service particular system now two letters, two calories. His explanation says: "Two letters are the after welcoming letter and bear the palm congratulatory letter that enters respectively, two calories are birthday card and connection card. " Yu Debin says, olympic Games village is the blame contest place with Beijing the greatest Olympic Games. Square of the athlete apartment of Olympic Games village and establishment of form a complete set, upper raise a flag and wall of peaceful square armistice are permanent building, the others is build temporarily. After abstruse meeting ends incomplete, olympic Games village will undertake transforming, the place such as square of raise a flag will regard the culture legacy with main Olympic as permanent reservation, open to the society, look around for tourist. After living area of the south is surpassed, serve as high-grade uptown. Yu Debin discloses, at present apartment of athlete of Olympic Games village already sold out basically, the dweller can be entered 2009. (Responsibility edits: Gao Hong Cheng)

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