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Olympic Games village opened the door on July 27 project of the landscape that g
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Every Olympic Games, attract the eyeball of people besides each competition ground, still a mysterious place also gets attention fully, this is the Olympic Games village that each delegacy athlete lives. And the village of Beijing Olympic Games that is located in Olympic park, its project also enters ending phase in the round at present, will open a village formally on July 27, receive the athlete that comes from world each district. Olympic Games village " make up " Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete the major work of project has finished village of abstruse meeting Olympic Games, include to decorate, pipeline system and convenience system, the rest job basically is in centrally " make up " link, namely landscape project, at present this part job also entered ending phase. According to square country of construction of Olympic Games village the Liu Rong of abstruse investment firm introduces, olympic Games village builds a project be about to comprehensive and finishing. Among them, include indoor the job that decorate and the face establishs to decorate outside block of flats has been finished, life water supply, straight water, in the installation of the pipeline system such as water of water, the hot water that wash bath, fire control has been finished entirely, enter the water, the installation of conduit of catchment and the rainwater outdoor, sewage also has been finished entirely. In addition, the convenience system inside the village already was installed finish, had undertaken full load moves, telecommunication already also was installed finish. Intelligence changed a system to had entered ending phase. Air conditioning system is in last year finished first time cold tone to try September, undertaking hiemal heating now. Landscape project is like the road inside the area, illume outdoor, afforest to waited to had entered ending phase. Next, when Olympic Games village will be surpassed according to the Olympic Games, design, undertake washing bath hot water, straight water, the full load of each system such as life water supply, elevator checks. After showing true look to be finished in all projects on July 27, olympic Games village will open a village formally on July 27. At the appointed time, the Olympic Games that comes from world each district takes part in the match athletes will assemble in the village. Yu Debin of vice director of group of abstruse village construction introduced village of BOCOG Olympic Games and incomplete abstruse village is in village of Olympic Games of Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete the operation plan when contest. According to arrangement, olympic Games village will come to was entered on July 26 on July 20 open village phase beforehand, undertake interim to open a village formally, open a village formally on July 27. After the Olympic Games ends, just shut a village completely on August 27, after this is in village of 26 hours Olympic Games will " change personally " incomplete abstruse village, on August 28, abstruse village will enter incomplete to open village phase beforehand, 30 days after opening a village formally, all detail reveal system damage here abstruse meeting colour. On September 20, abstruse village shuts incomplete village, olympic Games village also will fulfil his obligation. And after abstruse meeting ended incomplete 2008, olympic Games village still will undertake transforming, boreal division share implements the program of silvan park, among them the place such as square of raise a flag will regard the culture legacy with main Olympic as permanent reservation, look around for tourist. What living area of the south will serve as contest hind is high-grade uptown formal consign dweller is used by 2009. (Special telegram of our newspaper Beijing Wei of special correpondent king grand) (responsibility edits: Ryan)

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