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Citizenship door incident is carrying Tang Na on the back to say to be able to h
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The 1st page: Break page of? of firm  of establish of  of calamity discharge  : Shadow of short for Weihe River of  of buttock of grave   the brigade that the ping of first time world that this is Tang Na surpasses summary? , face such situation, she what had not played even open game before is very nervous, and before " citizenship door incident " more the feeling that lets her if awn is being carried on the back,one is plant. Urban wall bulletin: In the official handbook that this world ping surpasses, the name the Tang Dynasty of your name or China is graceful, is not foreword of your Korea name Tang 汭, how is this to return a responsibility? Tang Na: I play the game now is to use Tang Na this name, korea name is the coach that I am in club of big Han aviation to what take. "汭 foreword " what do these two words have specific meaning I am not quite clear also, he says this name can think I am brought lucky. I still basically am using my Chinese name now, I am a Chinese originally. Urban wall bulletin: The brigade that the world ping that evaluates oneself surpasses. Tang Na: This is I enter world contest for the first time, too nervous, develop very badly, did not develop oneself standard at all. Urban wall bulletin: What is this world ping surpasses the biggest feeling? Tang Na: The greatest sense is the opportunity is quite rare, after all I now is to hit little, what think most so is to had played each game, go striving for the honor that oneself can strive for. There was not such opportunity in the past, I am cherished very much now. Did not achieve a goal this, quite regretful, but the person always should experience difficulty, accept a fact, fall where climb where. Respecting the Tang Dynasty is graceful, want that naturally to mention " disturbance " . "I do not want what to explain again, whats explain without energy again. The person that understands me does not need my explanation, do not understand my person, the explanation also was not used. " urban wall bulletin: That " disturbance " how be to return a responsibility after all? Tang Na: I also do not know, but I can tell you for certain, it is far from so return a responsibility, I had not said in that way word absolutely. I still do not know at that time, because train quite busy, get online without time. My mom calls to me, ask me: "Tang Na, you how? Not mad? " I just knew to produce so large issue so. I had not been accepted alone at all interview, we are accepted when interviewing, the coach is attendant. I did not understand, how so much " overseas large unit " go up with respect to my booth this thing? I am born in China, long in China, marrying a person repeatedly was to marry a Chinese, how am I met " betray one's country " ? Saying me is " hill Zhi Li the 2nd " , this I cannot be accepted. I add Korea book, plant to can pass this namely means is round oneself Olympic Games dream. [Below 1][2][one page] (responsibility edits: Gao Hong Cheng)