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Song Zuying hopes to put a song to be willing to Taiwan performance on the Olymp
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When Song Zuying of committee member of famous singer of Song Zuying China, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference accepts a reporter 5 days to interview, say, oneself regard literary bound as committee member of other the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, pay close attention to the development of Chinese folk music, innovation and promotion problem most at present. This singer that has beautiful voice still expresses, she is willing very much, special also hope attends show of Beijing Olympic Games, say, already intended work at present, hope can selected. Song Zuying installs towel of tie-in pink filament to appear on a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference with skirt of a gray literary bound fastens panel discussion. She says, as the committee member of a literary form, what oneself pay close attention to most this year still is art of his culture of one's own profession. "Innovation of Chinese folk music is us this takes the place of and issue acting all artist must some responsibility and obligation. " Song Zuying says, "Global unifinication, square field surface is same. Chinese folk music also should be walked out of, let world more person understand Chinese music and culture. " in this respect, song Zuying thinks " the task is very formidable. " she says, chinese economy position rises in world rank now, but the world is still little to Chinese music and literacy knowledge. Still need Chinese artist to do much work in this respect, also hope the government gives support, let Chinese music move toward the world. About cross-strait culture communication, song Zuying also speaks of him experiencing, "We are willing to make a show to Taiwan very much, but still not be very good on formalities do. " she says, at present cross-strait culture communication still fails to move toward development, mainland artist hopes to have more opportunities communication of culture of promotional two sides. Song Zuying ever attended stage show. She says, "If next time again the opportunity goes the word of Taiwan, hope Taiwan media gives we are publicized energetically and pay close attention to. " when the problem returns Olympic Games opening ceremony, song Zuying is laughing to say, whether ascend Olympic Games arena to ask Zhang Yi is sought even director. (Responsibility edits: Gao Hong Cheng)