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Olympic Games traffic is restricted to go specific time still is studying the no
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Yesterday, before the group enters on behalf of Liu Chuanzhi, Beijing is surrounded all round by reporters. Yan Nan of morning paper reporter / photograph Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on March 5 report (reporter Gaopeng Zhang Lixin) Liujing civilian is accepting deputy mayor of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Beijing 5 days when the reporter is interviewed, express, the Olympic Games traffic such as start off of only even numbers of motor vehicle cent is restricted to go measure won't be carried out before June. When the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of whole nation of the world midday the panel discussion of 11 conference sporting worlds can end hind, the reporter asks: "The message says, the traffic such as only even numbers is restricted to go measure will begin to carry out from May. Whether to know to belong to solid? " Liu Jingmin's committee member answers decisively: "Not so early, affirm or draw near when contest (just can carry out) . " Liu Jingmin's committee member says, traffic is restricted to go step is concrete when to begin to carry out in still studying, but affirmation won't be too early. "Too early bad, can affect normal life of the citizen. " he says. It is reported, during government of people of Beijing of formal last year authorization is prepared in the Olympic Games and be being held, Beijing National People's Congress can be adopted a few " exceed convention " administrative pattern. Accredit limits demarcate is in the main field such as environment of sanitation of transportation of security of society, road, safe production, environmental protection, food, the appearance of a city and ad administration. Came 20 days on August 17 last year, beijing executed only even numbers, wrong peak to commute wait for means to reduce travel car, during be safeguard Olympic Games, road hands in clear and coherent free to accumulate experience. Beijing Olympic Games will be held at coming 24 days on August 8. (Responsibility edits: Gao Hong Cheng)