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Yi Lisha divulges women football the leader of a sports team does not support in
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Gao Wei) Beijing time last night, the Chinese women football that increasing husband cup competition in Er of A of Portuguese go on an expedition is in a battle is medium with 0 give the United States the group than 4 disastrous defeat. Than disastrous defeat more of flooey is, the contradiction that sees the Chinese team interior that is like calm not comb-out, lian Yili Sha makes public French book bishop to disclose to media in vain, she already to the China that follows a line sufficient assist vice-chairman Yang Yimin puts forward to change Zhang Jian of the leader of a sports team's strong demand, reason is team of Zhang Hezhong's square drill " devoid profession spirit, the normal training that affects team badly already " , and Zhang Jian weighs he and Yi Lisha by force not to have contradiction in vain, his doing is in the duty that uses up the leader of a sports team. Chinese team hits East Asia in Chongqing during 4 strong competition, yi Lisha has complained to the reporter of French TV station Zhang Jian is strong in vain the work that does not coordinate her, but the condition that has not developed to bring a lawsuit against to the leader. Yang Yimin arrives at Portuguese superintend and director afterwar, already had a talk with the French drill team that heads in vain with Yi Lisha. Although team alleges external,the content of the talk is business is communicated, but actually, yi Lisha is white in be opposite, square the leader of a sports team and coach expressed intense dissatisfaction. Yi Lisha is accepting in vain when interviewing, complain: Be proud at harmony Tuo crab irrigates evil spirit of acenaphthene of health dusk of where of pond confused Lv to punish dream of  fade live abroad to call out hut with elaborate felt ah team of drill of France of? of cheek of  of strong clumsy of  of T call on standing tall and upright) existence hampered their interest. I to China sufficient assist put forward to change the requirement of the leader of a sports team, but Yang Yimin did not make known his position instantly. " Yi Lisha comes by last year October in vain China teach, li Feiyu of the leader of a sports team before Chinese women football last year the bottom was discharged in November post, zhang Jian goes to take up office by force. To this, yi Lisha is white very indissoluble: Tuan of coat Fu take along sth to sb breaks sulphur discharge to add road of Mei of have diarrhoea Xiong  of  of acyl of  of summer of creek of bridge of cheek of ability ox  cuts stand upright of  of feng4huang2 of hurry   into parts to agree lens of  of Yan of ┳ of suddenly of bursa of course of study of heart grave  is difficult  of  of fine a kind of sedge of Huo of pilfer fragrance  scrupulously and respectfully! ? Yi Lisha says in vain: After unplugging cheek? hits warm up 28 days month to surpass with German team, I ask team left 6:30 afternoon in 29 days, head for Portuguese, can let hit the player refection of the match so. To my requirement, do not have a person to pay attention to. 28 days of evening, somebody tells me however the following day before dawn set out at 4 o'clock. And, certain person tells a player this is my decision actually, reason is I do not hope player people shop in place. " although Yi Lisha is white thing happening is here backward inside the team in square personnel howls, but of no help. Current, yang Yimin is clear already square personnel must each doing his own job in the requirement, anyone cannot say Yi Lisha's white inadequacy, should build for her with all one's strength teach goodly environment, urge French drill team to improve working way at the same time, much with in square assistant and team member are communicated, dissolve contradiction at an early date. (Responsibility edits: Gao Hong Cheng)

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