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Big public house of hill of high mountain eyebrow (EmeishanHotel)
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The hotel of travel of 4 stars stage of directly under of Inc. of travel of hill of eyebrow of high mountain of department of big public house of hill of high mountain eyebrow, be located in hill of high mountain eyebrow to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland by the temple, cover an area of 57000 square metre, court type is built group strewn at random have send, set off one another at green hill in green water, bell dusk rouses Ke Wenchen, use up the Shan Zhiling that touch celestial being to enrage,
The hotel has room of presidential flatlet, luxurious double flatlet, luxurious flatlet, business affairs and various level 278 (set) , all deploy feeling of system of central air conditioning, automatic smoke to call the police gush drenchs system of system, fiber-optic satellite TV, broadband network system. Hall of the dining-room in setting, Western-style food, cafeteria, banqueting hall 17, among them the oldest banqueting hall can accommodate 350 people repast at the same time, offer cate of sterling gust of hill of high mountain eyebrow. Have a color at the same time the size auditoria that disparate, standards differs 9, the biggest auditoria can hold 500 people at the same time, provide simultaneous interpretation system, conference discussion system, can inspect equipment of kinescope of measuring projector of conference equipment, multimedia, epidiascope, recording, various mike to wait for professional conference equipment. Modern business affairs center is offerred print, Wu of duplicate, fax, email, ticket, car, tourist guide serves. The hotel is special make mountain of eyebrow extraction high mountain natural radon hot spring, offer all sorts of hot spring bath, sauna, massage, foot rub, pedicure, fitness, hairdressing beautifies hair, card draws card of movie theater of OK, family, chess, Internet bar, book, tea wait for recreation service.

Breakfast price: The 20 price that add a bed: 60
Credit card information:
Service facilities: Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of ticket Wu service washs parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs bazaar of guest room of dress Wu disabled is tonsorial hairdressing room taxi
Meal establishment: Bar of hall of coffee of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall
Recreational facilities: Card pulls room of fitness of room of card of OK hall chess to massage room sauna room
Conference establishment: The hotel has muti_function hall, stone charm hall, have emerald green office, circle in the air the conference establishment such as hall of sea of hall of arris of columbine hall, smoke cloud hall, Suo, cuckoo, Hu Xi hall, Luo Feng hall.

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