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Gong Zhushan guesthouse (HongzhushanHotel)
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Gong Zhushan hotel is located in the foot of a mountain of hill of eyebrow of high mountain of —— of world nature and culture bequest, dedicate oneself to the service of his motherland with “ of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of the world name temple ” apart is not worth 200 meters. Guesthouse covers an area of 440 thousand square metre, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 95% above; The mountain peak inside the house is bristly, gully freely, laky surround, lake area area exceeds 100000 square metre, air loses oxygen ion to monitor a value to be 3000 times of urban average.

Take the green concept of ” of “ natural harmony, total position carries guesthouse on the back mountain range water, dispersive correspondence; Monomer building is taken according to hill situation, form unique structure to be down outspread type construction, never leave home, can appreciate the unapproachable environment inside the house. Whole house of look down at, floor of 9 villatic type sets off one another respectively the side at ridges and peaks, in the valley, laky border, meantime has a high building, waterside pavilion, little bridge and the guest that are as long as more than meters 5000 more special canal taking a walk is conterminous, the particular view with natural scene and unripe photograph of be in harmony of photograph of cabinet of booth of a high building is formed on whole; Inside body bedroom, the building connects body daylighting, be born has a window, balcony development Lin Zhong, form borrow scene into the room, the room is in scene, scene be stationed in along with the person, the person is drawing medium acme, home of the master that be written Mr Jin Yong praise for: Each fan door is a landscape! Guesthouse 2005, 2006, was judged 3 years to be Sichuan continuously 2007 the province is optimal go vacationing hotel, the “ China that had the honor to win award of ” of pillow of gold of Chinese hotel “ 2007 10 big the most welcome go vacationing hotel ” , selected " China top class go vacationing village guideline " . In November 2007, gong Zhushan guesthouse held “ successfully culture of the first mahjong communicates ” of congress of natural heritage of the 3rd world and “ ” of congress and tounament of first worlds mahjong.

Breakfast price: 48 yuan / the person increases bed price: 200
Credit card information:
Credit card of domestic silver-colored couplet
Service facilities: Banqueting hall, bar / wine corridor, service sending eat, swim, the dining-room inside the hotel, wash clothes service, parking lot, coffee hall, wake safe of center of support of service, medical treatment, business affairs, assembly room, downstage valuable, hairdressing up to beautify hair, offer berth car, nightclub
Meal establishment: Dining-room of a public house of 8 hall of Western-style food of 8 hall of Chinese meal of 8 public house of 5 hall of 5 buildings Chinese meal, buildings, buildings, buildings, buildings, building, 2 buildings dining-room
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