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Big public house of Chinese flowering crabapple of happy mountain gold
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Big public house of golden Chinese flowering crabapple is contemporary restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of 4 stars stage. Be located in downtown of Sichuan happy hill, draw near according to hill water, the environment is beautiful, border big Buddha of Le Shan of —— of bequest of world natural culture. Hotel 1999 practice, deploy advanced the background music that system of central air conditioning, automatic smoke feels phone of fire extinguishing system, fiber-optic TV, programmed control, advanced, have Europe type villa 5, between the standard, between luxurious standard, business affairs flatlet more than 140. Hall of dining-room, banqueting hall, honoured guest can accommodate 350 people repast at the same time. Building of nightclub, tea, KTV wraps the establishment everything needed is ready such as the room, it is the good part that sightseeing of travel of guest of China and foreign countries, business affairs negotiates.

Practice was decorated 2003 1998
Breakfast price: The 18 price that add a bed: 100
Credit card information:
Card. Credit card is issued outside the condition- - all things is amounted to (credit card is issued outside Master) , condition- - power person (credit card is issued outside VISA) , condition- - carry is connected (credit card is issued outside AMEX) , condition- - JCB
Service facilities: Wu of business affairs center, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, card pulls room of card of OK hall, chess, indoor swimming-pool, sauna room
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall
Recreational facilities: Swim, chess card, sauna, card pulls OK, massage, nightclub.
Conference establishment: Can contain the small-sized assembly room of 15-20 person, the medium-sized assembly room of 100 people, the large assembly room of 180 people.