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Restaurant of hill of high mountain eyebrow (hot spring hotel)
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Restaurant of hill of high mountain eyebrow (hot spring hotel) be located in the foot of a mountain of high mountain eyebrow with pretty scenery, dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland inside center of passenger transport of temple beauty spot, downtown of hill of the eyebrow that be apart from high mountain 6 kilometers,
Restaurant covers an area of more than mus 25, make an appointment with 20 thousand much square metre, gardens type is built, style is pure and fresh, fluent, elegant, richly; Interior owns honoured guest building, between various and luxurious flatlet, costly bid more than 500. Restaurant hires a division especially advocate hutch, dining-room of Chinese and Western can hold 400 people have dinner at the same time; System of environmental protection central air conditioning, system of background music of high fidelity Li Yin, system of fiber-optic closed-circuit television, the fire prevention device of broadband net and on the safe side reachs supervisory system.
Restaurant sets card to pull OK, bar, sauna, billiards, gym to wait, the function is top-ranking, equipment is advanced. Additional, tea building is craftsmanship is provided alone more, its unique evolution formula is designed, night but full see dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland the light that glows inside temple scene area beautiful night scene, can put eyebrow of lofty of eye overlook lofty by day Gu Shucan day, wood the partial tourist attraction of exuberant, charactizing a fine spring day. Place oneself here, calm meeting makes you “ feels what tea faces ” of complacently of wind, its meaning, the travel that also is your ideal is sightseeing, recreational go vacationing, the optimal choice that business affairs negotiates.

Breakfast price: The 15 price that add a bed: 120
Credit card information: Home issues silver-colored couplet card

Service facilities: Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of ticket Wu service washs parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs dress Wu bazaar is tonsorial nightclub of hairdressing room taxi

Meal establishment: Bar of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall

Recreational facilities: Card draws room of ping-pong of room of card of OK hall chess room of fitness of indoor swimming-pool tennis court massages ping-pong room room sauna bathroom

Conference establishment: Center of auditoria business affairs