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Silver roc hotel
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Silver roc hotel is located in Chengdu to come famed center of hot line of travel of hill of hill of eyebrow of the Le Shan at the world, high mountain, made of baked clay house, proximate “ 3 revive ” ancestral temple, from Cheng Legao fast highway is exported only 600 meters.
The hotel is the concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of class of a SamSung with eyebrow country only area travel hotel, slope culture is fundamental key to the south of, ba Shu of be in harmony and Western Europe culture are an organic whole, market is modern science and technology is a suit, system of central air conditioning makes your winter warm summer cool, whole computer is automatic fire extinguishing system ensures for you restful.
Dining-room has 600 food, cent sets banqueting hall, hall, Western-style food hall reached a style at 0 o'clock the size of each different is elegant, manage plain, department of dish of another name for Guangdong Province and confect, make you never leave home taste cate. Import lawn afforest area, building of villatic pattern room, have luxurious flatlet 10, between the standard 80, odd world is mixed 20 times 10 conferences, playroom, provide environment of satisfied accommodation, recreation for guest.

Breakfast price: Without the price that add a bed: Without
Credit card information: Credit card is issued outside the condition- - all things is amounted to (Master)
Credit card is issued outside- - power person (VISA)
Credit card is issued outside the condition- - carry is connected (AMEX)
Credit card is issued outside the condition- - come greatly (Diners Club)
Credit card is issued outside the condition- - JCB
Home issues silver-colored couplet card

Service facilities: Auditoria foreign currency converts phone of IDD of service DDD phone

Meal establishment: Guest room of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall sends eat the service

Recreational facilities: Discotheque card plays table tennis of room of OK hall ping-pong the room is indoor room of fitness of swimming-pool tennis court

Conference establishment: Auditoria