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Grand elegant hotel
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Exterior picture

Elegant hotel of hero of grand elegant hotel is located in hill of high mountain eyebrow to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland temple scene area, for restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 2 stars class. Guesthouse environment quiet and beautiful, have color of booth courtyard type alone, floor area 6000m2, it is a collect travel, go vacationing, recreational, amusement is happy the brand-new modern guesthouse of an organic whole. Guesthouse has 70 comfortable and luxurious, the guest room with perfect equipment, still set calorie of hall that pull OK, sauna, massage, the public service facilities such as chess card room
Breakfast price: Without the price that add a bed: Without
Credit card information: Credit card is issued outside the condition- - all things is amounted to (Master)
Credit card is issued outside- - power person (VISA)
Credit card is issued outside the condition- - carry is connected (AMEX)
Credit card is issued outside the condition- - come greatly (Diners Club)
Credit card is issued outside the condition- - JCB
Home issues silver-colored couplet card

Service facilities: Foreign currency of parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs changes service bill Wu to serve phone of DDD phone IDD to wash dress Wu bazaar tonsorial hairdressing room

Meal establishment: Guest room of bar of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall sends eat the service

Recreational facilities: Discotheque card plays OK hall table tennis sauna of massage room of unit room of room electron game room

Conference establishment: Center of auditoria business affairs