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Gold carries big public house on the head (JindingHotel)
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Gold of mountain of high mountain eyebrow carries big public house on the head to be located in the peak gold of world culture and hill of eyebrow of natural heritage high mountain to support, altitude 3079 meters, over float Yu Yunhai, in mist of concealed Yu Xian. The hotel borders the world all sides of Buddha of the first gold 10 Pu Xian, all day Buddha smooth illuminate all things, shan Zhiling enrages Ke Jixian, the elite of market day month. The hotel covers an area of a face to accumulate 6000 more than square metre, have the size auditoria with perfect form a complete set, between the various and luxurious flatlet of grandiose elegance, luxurious standard, between the standard, provide sweet and satisfied living environment for you. Hotel meal center can accommodate repast of 1000 more than person at the same time, include 5 2 banquets hall, small office and the gust cate that have distinguishing feature extremely forest, offer various and delicate cate for you.   
Cate of hill of high mountain eyebrow forest be located in altitude the bump of Shan Jinding of 3079 meters high mountain eyebrow, it is the division of high mountain of hill of high mountain eyebrow that the hotel makes for tourist bend affection center of gust characteristic cate. Cate forest is given priority to with Chinese meal, in order to high dish of eyebrow hill place is characteristic, renown division advocate hutch, high-quality goods assemble. Have a color differ, appeal is the dining hall with each different, different specifications, luxurious between packet, between big package, building of snack hall, tea, can hold have a rest of 50 people repast at the same time. Cate forest, alone beautiful Jin Ding takes high mountain the top margin of a page unique appearance, quiet and tastefully laid out environment, consummate service welcomes your presence!
Breakfast price: In: 10 yuan / portion, on the west: 30 yuan / the portion increases bed price: 80
Credit card information:
Service facilities: Dining-room card pulls OK to wash anteroom of crural room sauna

Meal establishment: The hotel has of all kinds dining-room, banqueting hall 10, can accommodate 350 people repast at the same time, renown division advocate beautiful of all of gust of hutch, north and south, provide the local characteristic cooked food that gives priority to with precious of hill of high mountain eyebrow.
Recreational facilities: Card of sufficient, chess, card draws bath Ok, massage, nightclub
Conference establishment:

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